Importance of Thank You Cards for Your Job Interview

November 29, 2017

A thank you card has two main functions. The first function is that it shows a human resources manager that you appreciate his/her time, and the second one is that it demonstrates your sincere desire to work for the company that you’re applying for. Although, a lot of candidates think that such a thing as a thank you card doesn’t influence an employer’s decision, statistics show completely opposite. According to the recent study, 75% of interviewers stated that thank you cards and thank you letters from the candidates influences their hiring decisions. I hope now you understand that sending a thank you card makes a huge difference. Let’s see how you can increase the impact of thank you cards.

Send a Thank You Card to Every Person, Who Took Part in an Interview

The main goal of sending a thank you card after the interview is to express your gratitude to people who spend their time to interview you. Having this in mind, don’t be impersonal when writing a thank you note and avoid titles, such as “Dear, Hiring Manager.” That won’t touch people’s hearts. Before you come to the interview ask for the names of the people who will interview you. Companies will be glad to share this information with you. After the interview, address each person, who took part in the interview individually, by name. 

Show Your Excitement of the Perspective of Working at the Company

Use your thank you card as another opportunity to remind your prospective employers that you’re excited about the opportunity to work at their company. Unassumingly, in one sentence, show what you will add to the team and how you will fit into company culture. Let the hiring managers understand that you don’t look at it as just another job opportunity, but something that you really have passion for.

Demonstrate That You Are Ready for the Next Step

If you demonstrate that you’re looking forward to the next step of the interview that will serve as another indication of how passionate you are about getting that job. It will also show your confidence that you’re the right person for that position. Just make sure that you don’t look pushy.

Better Leave a Thank You Note with a Receptionist after the Interview

A written note is always better than the e-mail. Thus, in order to be fresh in the Hiring Manager’s memory, leave a thank you note at the reception right after the interview, before you leave the building. Such situations as off-site interviews or phone interviews exclude the possibility of leaving a written note. However, if you have the opportunity to leave a written note – never miss it. And one more important thing – if you plan to leave a written note, prepare it before the interview, but leave some space to make a reference from the interview. This way it will look even more personal.

We hope that after reading this article you will always leave or send a thank you note after the interview! 

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