It’s Time for Quitting a Job You Hate

December 13, 2016

If you’re sick and tired of your job, then irritated eyes, perennial sleep disorders, lack of motivation, and overall resentment of Mondays are familiar to you.

In our workplaces, many of us are simply happy because we survived one more working day. It seems like a nightmare, where we work like dogs and experience protracted misery. We desperately count days, waiting for our vacation. Naturally, work provides money, but there are many other ways to make a living without feeling depressed.

Follow our tips on how to find your dream job. It’s time for a change!


Pursuing a longed-for career path requires courage to begin and follow up. It also requires determination that you should fully exploit to get your dream job. Stop questioning your abilities and believe that you deserve better. Right now, take a deep breath and repeat these key words: I am not stuck, I have options. You really do, so let’s see what to do if you hate your job.


If you want to get your dream job, don’t just sit back and wait until it magically appears out from nowhere. You should explore available alternatives and decide what you want to do for a living.

Start examining your qualifications and passions to see how they align in the workplace. You may want to embark on a different position or make a foray into a new industry. Maybe, you’ve thought of supporting a greater cause. Look for a position in non-profits or start-ups, where required skills coincide with your interests or talents. You may not make a fortune here, but you’ll obtain a better sense of professional fulfillment.  


Now that you’re solely focused on going after a specific career, let’s get it started:

  • Make sure your resume and cover letter are impeccably written
  • Brush up on your interview skills
  • Make sure you have a sufficient amount of money, especially if you need an initial capital for running your own business
  • If your potential job is less profitable than your previous one, adjust your budget appropriately to avoid overspending during your transition.


You must realize that an ideal job does not exist. But you can create it if you follow your heart. Whether you’re willing to take up marketing, establish as a freelance writer, or follow the entrepreneurial route, it’s important to understand that it’s definitely your cup of tea.

In case you’re delighted with a company you work for, but you would like to change the position, explore available opportunities within your current workplace. Find out whether your company has a position relevant to your skills, or if there is an eye-catching offering in a different department you could transfer to. If you’re an industrious and resourceful employee, they will do their best to keep you employed and satisfied.

If your job makes you feel miserable, stop tolerating and start flourishing! You will find your place in the sun, if you believe in yourself, and consider our tips. 



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