Job Interview Tips: Things to Never Say

February 21, 2017

Finding a job may become a more difficult task than you could think. And the first challenge job applicants have to face is a job interview. It is often a bit uncomfortable and awkward, as applicants do not feel confident enough. However, the good thing is that it is definitely worth doing because finally you may get the job of your dreams.

Becoming a good interviewee requires preliminary work. Learn as much as possible about the job you are applying for, think well of all the questions, which may be asked, and practice. Nevertheless, even if you practice hard, sometimes it is difficult to know the right and wrong things to say, especially when you are anxious.

Therefore, think well before you start speaking and ensure to never say the following things if you want to get hired.

What Not to Say in an Interview: Negative Comments about Previous Job

It is just like the first date: you probably will not tell stories about how horrible your exes are. The same goes for the job interview. You ought not to pour dirt at your previous boss if you want the person who interviews you to become your new boss. You do not want him to think that you will do the same concerning him?


One of the main pieces of advice on how to succeed in the interview is avoiding politics and religion topics during the conversation with the interviewer. You do not know where he or she stands on these topics. If you do not have any good words to say on these topics, you had better not say anything at all.

Statements That Appear Desperate

Even if this is the job of your dreams and you need it badly, you should not behave desperately. When you say something like, “I have been looking and waiting for a job like this all my life and I need to get it” or, “I will die if I do not get this job,” you do not look confident anymore. One of job search tips is to sound like you are aspiring for the job, but not desperately enough to do anything for it.

“No, I Do Not Have Any Questions”

When the interviewer asks you whether you have anything to ask him, the worst answer is, “No.” It is much better if you prepare a list of important questions beforehand. It will help you demonstrate that you are interested in the position in this organization. Remember, silence is not the thing that shows your interest.

Too Many Questions about Salary

Sure, you want to know as much about salary as it is possible, and you do not want to waste your time. However, one of the job search tips is being delicate in money topic as it is an uncomfortable one. You should be straightforward about what you want, but in the same time not too concentrated on the money issues.

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