Learn How To Be A Brilliant Boss!

June 25, 2017

If you have grown your business to the point where you are ready to hire employees, we can congratulate you on your great success! However, to most bosses, this success causes the real chills. Unfortunately, this reaction is not groundless, because conducting an interview with no experience is even more stressful than being interviewed. The difficulty of becoming a good and efficient boss lies in a great number of responsibilities that may come with this title.
Most of the worries that arise in the minds of new bosses are whether they can become a good boss for their staff or not. You’re not the first, and you’re not the last. Although it may be difficult in the beginning, you will gather all it takes to become a great boss sometime soon. You just have to know the correct direction, and this article is written to show it to you.

​Be in control 

It’s totally OK to select the best leaders within your team, but you will always be the number one decision-making power. If you can’t be in control of your employees and make your voice be followed, your business won’t be successful. From the very beginning, you should make sure that you build the authority among your employees and that your employees respect you. Otherwise, you won’t be in control of your employees and your business will fail. However, being a boss is not just about having an authority, it is also about being able to give the right motivation and encourage those who follow you. According to Robert Greenleaf’s concept “Servant Leadership”, the leader is the one in the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid not the one on the top of it. Employees are on the top, and the leader has a vision and shows the way.

​Take health and safety seriously

If you have no idea how to ensure your staff’s health and safety, you should learn about what’s expected from you. In case you don’t take this issues seriously, and something unfortunate or unwanted happens, you may even end up in court. That’s why health and safety issues should be considered from the get-go. Here’s the list of basic things that have to be considered: 

  • make sure that risk assessment is filed, and all hazardous objects have a sign on them
  • ensure high awareness of your staff in regard to all the health and safety issues
  • provide safety clothing if necessary (for example, steel-capped boots should be prepared for those who are a part of manufacturing business).


Get to know your team 

The leader is not someone who hides in his/her room and pretends he/she is busy (even if he/she is really busy!). It’s a person who’s out there helping his or her staves to become the best they can be and to avoid any ill-will among them. An unfriendly or bad atmosphere is one of the number one reasons why people leave the places where they work. That’s why the leader has to know the team and create a fantastic working environment.

Love your employees, and you’ll become a perfect boss!

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