Making the BEST 1st Impression With Recruiters

July 12, 2017

A recruiter is a person who finds the best candidate in accordance with company’s requirements. If you know perfectly well how these folks do their job and what things they pay their attention to first, you should be able to show yourself in the best and brightest light so as to increase your chances of being hired.

This article is of great value because it includes practical tips given by the experts in the industry. Executive recruiters, such as Michael Robinson, David Teten and Al Chase, share top tips on how to get on the recruiters radar. Read on to find out how to distinguish yourself from others in a positive way.  

Avoid Cookie-Cutter CVs

Never forget that you are unique and that you’re aiming for a very specific position. Don’t send out any generalized materials that can’t give any understanding of why you’re special and should be hired. What personal and professional qualities give you an edge over others, who are searching for a similar job? Show what makes you the one, avoid untargeted CVs. Customize your resumes to show that you match perfectly to a given position. Don’t send impersonalized e-mails, such as “Dear Recruiter,”. “Dear Dave” will work much better.

Apply if you are Qualified

 If you want to be respected among the recruiters you should only apply for the positions that you are qualified for. A lot of people send unqualified resumes to recruiters. They waste a lot of time sorting them, so sending a qualified resume will make you stand out among others. Focus on job ads for which you meet all or most of the listed requirements. This way you will save both your and recruiter’s time.   

“No” is a Normal Answer 

Recruiters are very straightforward. If you don’t match to the position, you will be the first to know. Have dignity and accept it as it is without repeatedly calling for a month after you have received a refusal. Once you have received a refusal just move on. Focus on multiple job opportunities so that your job search isn’t limited to only one position.

Call First and Wait for an Invite 

Recruiters can remember a lot of cases when unemployed executives have been showing up in the recruiter’s offices without an invitation. Would you like it if someone would interrupt you in the middle of your working day? I think not; thus, have a piece of respect. It is imperative you call first and then wait for your invitation. 

Digital Decorum and Distinction 

Recruiters have listed top tips for communicating over the e-mail.

Here is this list:

  • Don’t send e-mails where everything is written with CAPS LOCK
  • Send your resume in a MS Word, instead of PDF, file. Don’t send ZIP and MAC files. MS Word is a renowned business standard – use it.
  • Name your resume following this example BlakeJohnson2016Resume (first comes your last and first name, the year, and lastly, the word “resume”). It will be easier to differentiate it from hundreds of “resume.doc” files

Use these tips to win the best job opportunities!

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