Managing stress

Managing Interview Stress

October 16, 2017

According to many studies, the most stressful component of moving from one job to another is attending interviews. Preparing for and attending an interview are even more stressful than adapting to the new environment or telling your coworkers that you’re leaving. Find out about top five stress-related problems that job-seekers face and see the ways to solve them. 

The first problem: uncertainty

It’s natural to worry about situations where we can’t control the outcome. And a job interview is a classic example of such a situation. You have no idea about the questions that you will be asked, about the professional potency of the other candidates and in some cases even what sort of person your prospective employer is looking for. This level of unpredictability can make one really nervous. On the other hand, it’s the easiest interview stress-related problem to get rid of.

The Solution: Get rid of uncertainty by finding out as much as you can about the interview day. Ask your prospective employer as many questions as you can to cover the concerns that bother you the most. Or maybe, you have friends who have worked for that employer? Ask them!

The second problem: public speaking

Unless you’re used to giving lectures and standing in front of hundreds of unfamiliar people, you probably dislike public speaking. In a lot of interviews, you will be speaking to at least 3 people sitting in front of you. How do you overcome this fear?

The Solution: Preparation is crucial in terms of avoiding nervousness. If you know your material and answers well, it will surely reduce nervousness. Another important thing is to maintain eye contact and speak slowly and meaningfully. Convey enthusiasm and interest.

The third problem: competition

You can’t remove other people from applying for the job that you want. So, what to do about it?

The Solution: Basically, nothing. Don’t think about them, because you can’t influence that aspect in any way. Focus on your own performance and don’t let distractive thoughts drain your energy.

The fourth problem: nerves.

Actually, some nervousness is good, because you have the necessary dose of adrenaline in your blood. But of course, there’s nothing beneficial in being too nervous. How to handle excessive nervousness?

The Solution: Firstly, avoid caffeine. Secondly, get a good night sleep. Thirdly, try practicing breathing exercises, yoga or meditation. In any case – remember that nervousness affects everyone, so you’re not the only person who has a problem.

The fifth problem: waiting for a decision.

For some people, it’s the worst part. While the successful candidate is often selected right away, those who weren’t able to induce instantaneous sympathy of the employer will be left to wait.

The Solution: Try to forget about that interview completely once it’s over. If you can do that, better shift your attention to seeking other job opportunities. Maybe, you’ll get the precious phone call exactly while you are searching. 

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