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Native American Day

October 9, 2017

Americans are widely known for their unshakable patriotism. Their motherhood means a lot to them and the native language is a key factor of their devotion. That is why all the holidays that concern the country, its origin and people in it are celebrated with great success. The Columbus Monday Day is one of that feasts. It is the day when Americans commemorate all the ancestors that have been living on the American territory before 1492 when Christopher Columbus came. This day is the official state holiday that is why all the government offices, state schools, and other establishments are usually closed. Among the entire country people have various traditions of celebration, but in general, they are quite similar in all the states. Here are a few facts about the celebration of Native American Day.

Native American Day Celebrations

Area of Celebration

It has been reported that at least eight cities among the USA are going to held huge celebrations in 2017 (Olympia, Washington, Albuquerque, Portland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, and St. Paul). The festivals will include a lot of tradition-based activities to show how people used to live and what tribal habits they had. American government considers this extremely significant to spread the knowledge about people who occupied this territory first.

Historical Background

In 1492 Christopher Columbus and his team sailed to the Bahamas (originally thinking they have reached the continent) and stated to discover the New World. Unfortunately, for them, this world has been already populated and the indigenous people didn’t actually like the way how Columbus presented himself. Experts consider that the first people were living on the continent for already 12,000 years for that time. They severely protested against new colonizers but could do nothing with the people who were much better equipped.

Consequences of Colonization

Soon, after Columbus’ discovery, thousands of Europeans traveled across the ocean for the better fate. They brought machines, weapons, and diseases with them. The last had devastating consequences on local people who had never suffered from measles or smallpox. Apart from that, their territories were claimed to be no longer belong to them as new arrivals needed some place to live and deal with agriculture. As a result of these horrible events, more than 20 million indigenous Americans died during a few centuries.

Modern Consequences

In the new conscious world, many activists decided to honor such cruel murders and devote a holiday to the native citizens of American territory. For many years they have been struggling to make the government official announce of the Native American Day and have finally received an agreement. Today, people are proud of remembering  their ancestors and devoting the entire holiday to commemorate their tribute to the nowadays living. Not only does this holiday show a great respect towards the traditions and habits of the local native citizens, but also the way that Americans are conscious inhabitants of the country that they did not originally own.

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