Project Manager Job Description

October 22, 2018

The name of a position speaks for itself. A project manager is a person who is in charge of a project realized within an organization. In order to become a successful project manager, a person should possess specific skills. The current article is aimed at providing explanation of core competencies connected to the current position. It will help you understand how to become a project manager and provide you with detailed project manager job description.
Many people ask similar question, “What does a project manager do?” Project management performs control over all processes that take place within a scope of one or more projects. The obligations of the manager include but not limited to planning, controlling the work, budgeting, taking part in developing the idea for the project or working with already approved one. Responsibilities of project manager also include following the schedule and reporting about the progress or some unexpected issue. It can be stated that project manager performs a function of a linking chain between the team that performs a project and the management of the company.
Being a project manager means to be responsible for the final result. This position is very important at any organization, as project can be defined as any process which has starts and ends with production of some goods. As a result, project manager job duties are very diverse and require deep knowledge in many areas.
Considering that a position of a project manager gives many opportunities to learn and grow professionally for a person, it is becoming more and more popular among job seekers. For this reason, it is important to know project manager job description to fit a specific job offer.

Education and Skills

Project manager education is extremely important for becoming a project manager. There are many different opportunities, which can eventually lead to becoming a manager of a project. At the same time, there different spheres, where project manager can work. However, regardless of the route one chooses, it will be necessary to attend trade school or university, which will help you get a needed degree.
The other step to obtaining a desired position is to get a proper certification. The most respected certifying bodies include PMI (Project Management Institute) and PRINCE2. Both of them offer certification, which is extremely important for becoming an expert in a field.
Nevertheless, there are instances when people become project managers without obtaining any degrees and certificates. Such people may have high organization skills, are deeply trusted at the company they are working for, have advanced organization skills, and experience of work in a specific field.

Core Responsibilities of PM

If you want to make a career in project management, you will have to show skills applicable to this profession. Considering that there are different directions and areas where a manager is needed, different skills may also be required. As an example, position of construction and project manager can be compared. While construction manager works mainly with workers on cite and controls the flows of materials resources, project manager performs supervision over the whole project and the work of construction manager, as well.
A person who has more responsibilities than a regular project manager is called program manager. This person is usually tasked with supervising not one but a couple of related projects, which have their specific nature.
However, even a project manager has to perform many different project manager jobs during the project completion. Regardless of the specific requirements to the position, there is a list of duties that apply to every project manager.

Resources Planning

It is not a secret that without a clear plan any project can fail. As a result, the work of project manager foresees designing a proper plan of work, including its budget and deadline for completion. However, it is not as easy as may seem. The deal is that the plan should not only deal with project completion but also correspond to the overall business strategy of an organization. Creating of a plan requires considering such issues as resources available and needed for the project, time needed for completion, etc. Moreover, the plan should be discussed with and approved by the top management.

Gathering a Team

No matter what project manager skills you possess, you will never be able to complete the project alone. There is always a team of trained and qualified people who help project manager to reach the desired result. In different situations, project manager may be tasked to work with already existing team of asked to gather his own team to work with. Working in a team means to possess outstanding management and leadership skills. Otherwise, you may fail to do the job even with a good plan. As a project manager, you will have to assign tasks, provide tools for work completion and supervise their work without interrupting much. Regular meetings will also help organize the work better.

Time Management

When you read project manager job description, you may find a point saying that a project manager needs to possess time management skills. It is very important considering that each project has its deadlines and each activity is given a specific amount of time. If you fail to meet one deadline, all processes will be shifted, which may lead to chaos and failure.

Creating Budget

Money makes not only the world go round but also form the basis of the whole project. Possibility to keep the project within the budget is one of the reasons of its success. Every project is given a specific amount of money and failure to keep the project within the figure is what a project manager should do. However, there is an important thing to remember: planned budges and real expenses may vary greatly. As a result, a project manager must be flexible in expenses and be able to take money from one place and allocate them in the other one without experiencing difficulties.

Providing High Quality Job

If you are starting a project, every stakeholder expects that it will be completed successfully. However, complete concentration on the project and its outcome is not always a good decision. Communication with stakeholders can also be very important and crucial. Their feedbacks will help you to choose the right track.

Dealing with Unexpected Issues

If you want your project manager career to be successful, you must be able to show that you are ready to face difficulties during your work. There are always risks and unexpected issues in the process of project completion. The most important is to be ready to face and deal with them.


In order not to find yourself in a difficult situation, it is necessary to constantly monitor the progress of the project and compare actual situation with the planned one. It can be done by creating reports and receiving feedbacks from team members.


One more issue a project manager must know is how to make reports and deal with paperwork. Actually, reports with data regarding project progress is what stakeholders need to see how their money are spent. If you can do it, project manager salary is guaranteed to you. Besides, proper documentation can help in the future when you are engaged in a similar project.

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