Recruiter Realities

June 19, 2017

There are only 4 realities that stimulate the industry of executive pursuit. See how to work within them and your chances of appearing on the recruiter’s radar will improve significantly.

Recruiters work on behalf of clients in order to fill jobs

You have to understand that all their actions are performed with one purpose – to support the abovementioned goal. Candidates are taken as a resource, a missing part of a sophisticated mechanism. Not many recruiters waste their time on building relationships with candidates. They do it only in case a candidate has some special skills or expertise in the area that’s required by the firm.

Recruiting is a sales-driven business

Recruiters are pretty much like sales managers. And they have their sales trinity, because they sell:

  • their ability to find appropriate job candidates to employers
  • the benefits of a work to job applicants
  • employers to job applicants recommended by the firm

You’re a candidate, which means that you’re both the buyer and the seller. The recruiter plays the role of the middleman for you. 

Recruiters focus on the most unrelenting task in their project caseload 

Bill Radin, who is the president of Radin Associates’, a company that specializes in the sensor industry, says that recruiting business has a cyclic edge, just like any other sales occupation. Any day a recruiter can be busy with:

  • Interviewing a potential job applicant
  • Making candidates ready for the interview
  • Checking references and degrees of the candidates’
  • Pitching candidates to the hiring employer
  • Using online sources and databases to search for potential candidates
  • Talking to candidates after they have completed the interview

In case hiring employer has interest in the candidate of the recruiter, then the recruiter will have to shift his focus. Now his aim is to help the employer to make such an offer, which the desired candidate would accept. After the completion of the offer, the recruiter helps the candidate to make an easy and stress-free transition to the new employer.  

When targeting recruiters, timing is everything

If a recruiter is busy with closing an offer or selling a business and your application hits his table at that moment, it’s highly improbable that you will get any feedback. However, there are always some ways to make yourself standout regardless of recruiters’ busyness. Consider the following: 

  • Prepare an engaging and aggressive cover letter
  • Add keywords that are in company’s CV database to your CV
  • Target on recruiters who are specialized in placing candidates within your area of expertise
  • Find out what the current cycle of the recruiter is  
  • Keep in touch with recruiters via e-mail to demonstrate your interest

Another important advice that should be mentioned is to get to know the business model of the recruiter. Retained firms and contingency firms have different schemes of payment: the latter gets paid only when a candidate is placed while retained firms are also paid for conducting the search. Consider these differences.

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