Resume Tips for Immigrants

May 11, 2017

Very often, we receive requests from people who have immigrated to the United States of America seeking jobs and who want to know how to complete a successful job search. While there are many tips regarding your appearance, behavior during the interview, and post-interview activities, in this article we will focus on your resume. Great looking resume is one of the key elements to obtaining the desired job. Different countries have different resume standards; this is why upon immigrating to America, your resume should be customized in accordance with the standards of Untied States of America.

You don’t want your CV to become a hindrance to obtaining the job. This is why it is crucial to have an updated and clean resume that is crafted according to the U.S. standards.

Please, read the text bellow to see several examples of differences between international resumes and US resumes as well as recommendations on things that you should evade. 

Be straightforward.

All American resumes are chronological, concise and clear. International resumes are not always chronological and often too detailed. You should list working experiences that are relevant to your prospective job.

Don’t add your personal details.

Americans consider it unnecessary to include information about age, religion, or relationship status into resumes as these facts may confuse the employer. According to some laws, employers cannot base their hiring decision on your personal beliefs and age. Therefore, they don’t even want to know it.

Use only relevant information.

It’s of an utmost importance to put only applicable data in your resume. That’s why, if we compare US resume and the international resume, the latter will appear longer, while the US resumes are usually shorter. It is made in order not to waste employer’s time on irrelevant job and academic experiences, because they decide very quickly if you are an appropriate candidate for a position or not. Include relevant things that will most definitely grab their attention from the first minute of seeing your resume. 

Don’t use selfies

Selfie for a resume is a very bad idea. Don’t ever do it. Actually, you’d better leave your resume without the photo and allow your skills as well as relevant job experiences to sell you.

Renew your format

There are a few differences in the way Americans and people from other countries write their contact information. You should stick to American standards when you format your resume. For instance, if you want to include your address and phone number, do it in the American style. 

Let these recommendations facilitate your job seeking adventure!

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