Sales Associate Job Description

September 5, 2018

When reading sales associate job description, you will see that sales associates establish a direct link between the organization and its clients. What does a sales associate do? He/she typically sell different goods and products that may range from electrical devices and clothes to cars and technological appliances.
Do not confuse a sales associate with a sales representative. Therefore, be sure to read a sales associate job description if you want to learn more information about sales associate duties list. All workers in the field of sales are divided into two categories depending on whom they sell products and services. As such, there are the following groups:

  • B2C (business-to-customers);
  • B2B (business-to-business).

Sales associates deal more with B2C type of selling, wherein the client is encouraged to purchase the service or product straight from the salesperson. The fact that a sales representative is involved in B2B way of conducting business means that these workers purchase products and goods from one company and further resell it to another.
Sales associates’ job duties also involve the function of a consultant if a client needs guidance or expert help when buying some special items (such as technological or computer appliances). Sales associates usually have a permanent and direct contact with the clientele base, so they are the ones who can make an impression on the clients who will be more prone to return to the company to buy some stuff. Therefore, sales associates are the ones who play a major function in retail, service, and wholesale.

Skills Needed for Retail Sales Associate

As you read the sales associate job description, you will get to know that you are not obliged to have a college degree. As a matter of fact, even teenagers while studying at schools can apply for this position in the localities. The salary that sales associates averagely get is approximately $31,200 per year. The fact that you hold a degree does not mean you will have a higher salary or more opportunities, so adequate training in the workplace may as well suffice. Experienced sales associates can move up the career ladder and be promoted for higher positions and thus get higher remuneration. Still, the core principle of sales: the more you sell, the more you get.


On average, a person working in the sales associate field gets $35.6 annually. Some sales associate positions may also pay commissions but it is dependent on the generated revenue and commission structure.

What Is a Sales Associate Experience?

If you want to become a sales associate, your small experience or lack of it will not definitely be an obstacle. Sales associates are hired with different levels of experience. There will be place for all kinds of workers with the only difference that those with higher levels of experience are given more duties and responsibilities (especially those decisive for the company or organization).

Position Growth Trend

According to popular estimates, positions for sales associates are expected to grow 2% by 2026. This tendency proves to be smaller than for the other kinds of jobs. The core reason for such a slow growth is the increase of Internet sales.

Work Responsibilities

  • Make sure that customers receive service of premium level;
  • Make sure that all clients’ needs and inquiries are addressed and adequate information is provided;
  • Welcome customers to the shop and address their questions of interest;
  • Go extra mile driving sales to the company;
  • Seek our potential clients in the shop;
  • Provide credible information about products in the shop;
  • Work in collaboration with the rest of the team to ensure effective sales;
  • Process point of sale purchases;
  • Deal with merchandize returns;
  • Cross-sell products;
  • Establish rapport with customers;
  • Improve sales and marketing activities.

Requirements for a Sales Associate

  • Prove that you have previous work experience in the field of sales;
  • Be proficient in English and have basic skills in mathematics;
  • Have in-depth understanding and solid knowledge in customer service and core principles of sales;
  • Be amicable and energetic when it comes to providing customer service;
  • Be flexible in terms of work schedule;
  • Have knowledge of market dynamics and customer relations;
  • Have practical experience with POS;
  • Be familiar with inventory procedures;
  • Be able to communicate effectively and have good interpersonal skills;
  • Be good at performing under pressure, stress, and within tight time limits.
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