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Sample Interview Follow-Up Letter

November 13, 2017

Michael Smith

1923 Time Square

New York, NY 02783

February 20, 20XX


Mr. Jordan Anderson

Product Development Manager

Quick Products, Ltd.

1324 East Broadway

New York, NY 02432


Dear Mr. Anderson:

I want to say the most sincere words of gratitude for devoting your time to our meeting on Wednesday. I had a great time at the office even though it was a serious interview.

The widget that is being developed right now is fantastic, I really enjoyed the concept. Apart from that, the tour around the manufacturing department was very informative, so thank you for that one more time. After I had seen the product as well as the assembly process myself, my desire to get into your team became even stronger. The employees are really friendly and the atmosphere in the company is on the appropriate positive level.

In order to show my desire and intentions, I am ready to devote extra hours to learning the necessary material to work in the widget sphere. A shifted timetable is not new for me, as I already worked with a similar company, where I had to acquire additional skills. Fortunately, it did not make me any unnecessary problems, as I am quite resistant to stress. Moreover, I was always eager to learn something new, especially if I enjoy it.

My previous working duties included experiments with a new optical technology at ZYX Corp. The set of skills that I have acquired there is really valuable, because the job was quite demanding as well as difficult. However, as time passed, I decided to change the position due to the lack of professional growth. With your company, I am sure, that my path through the career ladder will be rapid and meaningful.

My set of professional skills, together with the previously acquired invaluable experience, will let me fit in your team successfully. So, considering our common interests, there will be no difficulties in coming to mutual understanding with the other employees. I am sure that my contribution to Quick Products, Ltd., will be significant as well as beneficial.

I will understand your decision, whatever it will be, and I am unbelievably thrilled with the possibility to join your team and start working with the other specialists on a new widget concept line. I have enclosed a copy of my CV together with the letter for you to get acquainted with all my abilities and skills. Should there be any other additional question, I am always eager to answer them. So, contact me any time that is convenient for you. I am patiently looking forward to hearing from you.


Your signature

Michael Smith


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