Move Up or Move On

Seeking for Promotion or Job Change Tips

March 30, 2017

Do you remember how happy you were after you got a positive reply for the job application? This was the first excitement about your career in the company. As you grew professionally, there were good and bad days that added to your impression about the company you are currently employed in.

Despite the fact that your salary is high and your boss treats you with respect, there is something that makes you restless. Of course, you may wait till the feeling of displeasure fades away, however, there are no guarantees that it will not last during the whole career in this company. This feeling of disaffection is the first sign that there is a need for a change.

Consider asking for a promotion

In case these thoughts seem familiar to you, think of getting a promotion.

  1. You occupy the same position for a year or more and there is a higher-level job that interests you.
  2. Your contribution to business development is highly appreciated by top management.
  3. Your colleagues, who have similar skills and work in the company as long as you do, constantly get promoted.
  4. You have not made mistakes that became the reason of company’s financial losses during the past year.
  5. You enjoy your current work and are ready to accept increased responsibility in the company.
  6. You think that building your career in this company is better than in some other place.

If you feel that getting a promotion will satisfy your ambitions, arrange a meeting with your boss and negotiate the possibility of climbing the career ladder.

Obvious signs to leave your job

  1. Your application for a promotion was rejected twice. When it happened for the first time, it meant that you were not ready for increased responsibilities. On the other hand, second rejection means that your efforts are not appreciated in this company.
  2. Your promotion is impossible because there is no higher-level position for you in this company. For instance, this may happen when you work in a small company and the top manager’s position is not likely to be available soon.
  3. You are underpaid and your boss is not going to raise your salary. Some companies simply cannot afford to pay their employees more. If you ask for a pay rise and get rejection, search for some other workplace.
  4. Your job does not make you happy. If you constantly experience stress and irritation, think of changing your job right now!

Listen to your inner feelings. Do you think you need a promotion? If yes, do not hesitate to negotiate such possibility with your boss. On the other hand, your inner feelings may tell you to quit your current job. Do not ignore your state of mind. If you are not happy with your job, use our career change advice and start looking for a better workplace today!

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