Server Job Description: How to Get a Job of a Server

August 27, 2018

To know how to write a perfect resume for the position of a server, please be sure to carefully read the server job description. The job description will shed light on what server skills and server duties you need to highlight in the resume. While looking through job description samples, you will be able to identify what hard and soft skills as well as server qualifications are needed to perfectly fit for the position.

Responsibilities of a Server

Servers at restaurants bear responsibility for welcoming guests as well as interacting and communicating with them in a friendly and positive manner. As such, a restaurant server plays a major role for boosting up the overall image of a restaurant and making sure that the dining experience of the clients are satisfying, pleasant, and memorable. Mostly, a professional server is supposed to be attentive to guests and their wishes and inquiries. Restaurant guests should feel comfortable, relaxed, and valued. As you might have already derived from the server job description, a perfect server should be motivated and enthusiastic about his/ her job position in order to provide impeccable service to the customers. An ideal applicant for a position of a server should be communicative, pleasant-looking, and friendly.

What responsibilities server jobs involve:

  • Set decorations, clothe tables, and overall prepare the room for a festive dinner. Among the other details are to light candles, serve napkins, service utensils and plates, etc.;
  • Follow all rules of sanitation when servicing guests;
  • Adhere to the control policies of serving alcohol drinks;
  • Help guests with food and drinks choice, present menu and provide explanations regarding the dishes;
  • Offer cocktails, desserts, and other courses;
  • Explain about the chef’s specialty for today (and describe the ingredients in the dish);
  • Answer guests’ questions regarding the process of food preparation;
  • Inform guests about menu deviations;
  • Update about the time of course preparation;
  • Record or memorize patrons’ choice of dishes and transfer the order to the kitchen;
  • Inquire about guests’ dietary preferences, needs or other special requests;
  • Pick orders from kitchen and serve them to restaurant guests;
  • Be attentive to the dining process and patrons’ needs in the course of taking the meal (inquire about the needs, wishes whatsoever);
  • Remove finished courses, refill water and other drinks, replenish dishes and utensils;
  • Be alert to guests’ spills or other needs;
  • Open and pour drinks at the tableside according to the etiquette rules;
  • Be polite and invite the guests to return to the restaurant;
  • Deal with total charges and acquire revenues;
  • Issue bills and accept payments from guests; return the change to the guest;
  • Follow ordering process of patrons and ensure welcoming phone greeting;
  • Be polite and clear when conveying information about the menu via the phone;
  • Precisely inform the clients over the phone about the expected delivery time;
  • Be responsible for basic cleaning;
  • Help with special events coordination and organization;
  • When necessary, help the clients get in touch with the restaurant administration or management;
  • Contribute to the overall success of the servers’ team;
  • Follow rules and requirements of grooming standards.

Training and Education

Restaurants hiring servers do not require any special technical education. Often they are even interested in work of a part-time server, so they just check out how well a person can cope with responsibilities and how enthusiastic he/ she is about the work. Nonetheless, there are cases when high-brow restaurants prefer to hire a person with solid experience in the serving area. In such situations, it will not be that much easy being a server there if you have no former experience.
If you would like to become a server but you have no special education and past experience, it is strongly recommended to pass some training in order to require skills that look good on a resume and make your HR manager want to hire you. As a rule, the training does not consume much time and is done over a few weeks or months.

When you are writing a resume for server, make sure to include the following qualifications:

  • Former experience of serving;
  • Perfect oral communication and interaction skills;
  • Great skills in interpersonal communication;
  • Fluent English and a high level of formal communication;
  • Food Handlers Card OLCC Certification;
  • Good communicative skills via the phone and the ability to listen attentively while speaking on the phone.

Resume Skills Examples

Averagely, server’s earnings comprise $18,5k per year. With the ongoing development of restaurant service, there are more and more server job positions opened each day. So, do not wait long and start browsing for resume examples and composing a server cover letter to be able to grab an opportunity land this job.

What Skills (and How Many of Them) Should Be Included on a Resume

There is no one correct existent standard of how to write a perfect resume for a server’s position. You can choose one online resume sample to use as an example but try to include those skills and talents that are most relevant and suitable to the position. Keep in mind that even if you have a resume already written, it is essential to tailor it according to the requirements of server’s position. Make sure you list your soft skills and other qualities that will help you perform your responsibilities and duties in the most perfect way possible.

Top Skills and Competencies of a Server:

  • Flexibility;
  • Proficiency in customer service;
  • Lifting;
  • Knowledge of food service regulations;
  • Excellent written and oral communication;
  • Basic skills in mathematics;
  • Ability to deal with and resolve conflicts;
  • Teamwork;
  • High level of energy;
  • Stress resilience
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