Similarities Between a Job Interview and a Presidential Campaign

November 22, 2017

At many points, it is possible to compare a job interview and a presidential campaign. One could even say that candidates for a president post are involved in a year-long job interview: they do their best to appear as the most suitable person to get the post and they all hope that you (can be compared to an interviewer) will choose their candidature when you make a final decision. Let's see how exactly presidential campaigns are similar to job interviews.

Three Things Similar Between a Job Interview and a Presidential Campaign

  • You Need to Prepare to Answer Any Question

Candidates for a presidential post have to be prepared to answer any kind of question. The same can be referred to people who are on their job interviews. Of course, you can't know all the questions you are going to be asked, but you need to get ready. Be sure to answer the questions about your job experience, as well as about the position you are applying for. Besides, pay attention not only to your answer itself, but also to the way you give it. You have to be confident while you're replying, even if you're not sure that your answer is correct.

  • You Shouldn't Mention Your Negatives or Prepare a Great Response to Them

Candidates for a presidential post strive to look perfectly in the eyes of their voters (even if they are not actually perfect). They do their best to focus on the things they want to bring and maintain a positive state. In the meantime, they hide the negative aspects of their personalities, such as the lack of experience or insufficient skills. The same refers to the interview. If you have a "hole" in your resume or fear that your former boss can say something bad about you, don't bring it up by yourself. Maybe, they don't even care because you have other, more important, positive things in your resume. Talk about negative stuff only if the hiring manager asks this question and be ready to answer it with dignity.

  • You Have to Make Them Memorize You

Candidates for a presidential post want their voters to remember them when they are going to give their votes. Often people have lots of doubts about their choice and decide whom to select at the last minute, so all candidates want to be memorable. Similarly, you should have the hiring manager remember you after the interview. If you stand out in the crowd of other candidatures (in a positive way, of course), it is very likely that the hiring manager will think about you when he/she has to choose the best person for the position.

Now you must be ready for your own campaign. If you do everything properly, the hiring manager will certainly vote for you!

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