Simplifying Your Morning Commute

April 26, 2017

Doing all the morning rituals and leaving home to reach your work on time can be a daunting task. Not everyone can keep his/her schedule precise throughout the week. Here are the top tips that you can use to reduce your stress during the morning.

1)      Prepare in advance. The head is usually a bit fuzzy in the morning; that’s why the more decision making energy you can preserve during this period of the day, the better. Things you’d better prepare the night before are:

  • Your clothes
  • Your lunch for the next day
  • Your breakfast for the morning

Preparing these things the night before saves a lot of time in the morning. Maybe, you don’t always have time to prepare your lunch and breakfast in advance, but you definitely have time to prepare your clothes. As for the lunch, you can cook it and put it in a food container right away just to grab it quickly in the morning. Preparing breakfast in advance can be as simple as putting some granola and fruits on the table. Having cold breakfasts makes mornings simpler.

2)      Set your coffee maker on a timer. In case for you, like for thousands of Americans, drinking coffee in the morning is an unavoidable ritual, set your coffee maker on a timer. This way your coffee will be already once you walk into the kitchen. If there’s no coffee maker with a timer on your kitchen ,you can buy one. It can be rather cheap.

3)      Leave notes. You’ve probably already noticed that your head can remember all the little to-dos, especially in the morning when you don’t have the time to sit and think for a while. That is why you should leave reminder notes for yourself in the places that you encounter in the morning. This way you won’t forget anything before leaving your home.

4)      Park in the garage. This advice makes the most sense for those who live in the zones with severe weather conditions in winter. If you do so, you will prevent yourself from digging the car out of the snow and scarping the ice off it. Shoveling your car in the morning can take you up to two hours. By having your car in the garage, you will save this time. 

5)      Consider the time for clearing snow. Even if you park your car in the garage, you will need some time to shovel the driveway. It can takes you about 30-40 minutes to do this.

6)      Don’t hit a snooze button. Hitting a snooze button on your alarm is the habit that eats up your time. You probably realize it, but now, you should go from understanding to action. Just stop hitting a snooze button.  

Follow these tips and your mornings will be much more efficient!

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