Options for a Desperate Job Seeker

Some Options for a Desperate Job Seeker

March 16, 2017

With the world economy being in recession, modern technologies and robots superseding people, and time slipping away, it comes as a great challenge for some of us to find a workplace. Despite a popular belief, unemployed people are not bad professionals – some of them are simply going through harsh times and seem to be running out of luck. Here are a few job search tips you might use when nothing else works out.

Substitute Teaching

For those who have some work experience in the world of marketing, business, retail or any other field of the corporate sphere, the position of a substitute teacher can be a great way out. Not only will you get a job that you can dedicate your time and efforts to, but you will also have a chance to share your experience with the next generation. You never know how it may develop; maybe you will inspire someone in the choice of his or her future career. Check out the local business schools to see if they are interested in hiring someone for this position.

Temporary Agencies

Many people take temp employment agencies very skeptically, but they can become a way out when you find the right way to cooperate with them. The trick is to call on Monday and not any other day because the first day of the week is the time when the availability list is being created. Hence, doing it the first thing in the morning, you increase your chances of being picked up since your name is on top of the list.

Among other job hunting strategies we would suggest building good relationships with the counsellors you are working with. By creating a friendly atmosphere, you present yourself as a nice person who definitely deserves to get a job. It is a good idea to be always on good terms with people who make decisions regarding your future career or future in general.


Yes, volunteering is unpaid and might do too little to improve your economic status, but it can be of great importance when it comes to your resume. Every CV that has some background volunteering experience is appreciated much more than one that does not mention it at all. During a job interview,  the fact that you have been unemployed for a long time, may cause a negative reaction  However, when you point out  you have applied that time to volunteering because you would like to give back to the society and help in any possible way, you will be recognized in a completely new light.

Many people today are struggling to find a solution of how to find a job in our extremely competitive society. No matter how unsteady your situation is and how unconfident you feel now, do not give up. Make an attempt to choose these alternative options. You never know what decision can bring a change into your life.

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