Stop Procrastinating App

February 16, 2017

How often do you find yourself postponing something that you have planned long ago? It may be really challenging to focus on a specific task, especially because many of us are prone to numerous distractions on the Internet. You are really determined to start your work, but suddenly you open your Facebook page, look through your friends’ photos, read some news, then watch some funny videos or gifs, and then you find out that two hours have passed. Been there, right? However, such distraction is no longer a problem for you thanks to some anti-procrastination applications that play a role of productivity tools for you:

  1. SelfControl. It is a perfect app for anyone who gets distracted by pictures or videos of little pandas or other cute animals. This app will block your favorite websites, blogs or social networks by allowing you to create a blacklist of distractive websites and a timeframe for blocking them.
  2. Appdetox. If you are really in trouble with your self-discipline, you may try out this app. With a timeframe defined by you, the program will create a blacklist of the most frequently used programs or apps, which distract you from work, and then stop them from working or remind you that you are using it for too long.
  3. Squawk. If you are a list-freak and you write down completely everything and are not good at prioritizing, this app will be useful for you. With the help of this reminder, you can control all tasks that come up for the day.
  4. Procraster. When you have so many tasks on your schedule and are at a loss which task to begin with, this app will prove to be useful. Not only does it provide a list of tasks but also helps you overcome potential problems associated with them. Besides, the app will break down some complicated tasks into parts, and upon their accomplishments you reward yourself.
  5. Written? Kitten! If you cannot imagine your day without looking at pictures of cute little kittens, this app, which might seem totally useless, shows you pics of cute kittens when you complete each task on your list.
  6. Procrastination Punisher. When you cannot be motivated by rewards, then it’s high time to apply a punishment mode. The “bad cop” app  will surely increase productivity. Maybe it will really work against your reading news feed on Facebook by imposing procrastination fines.

If you are a keen procrastinator, these apps will help you overcome this bad habit. So, choose the best for you and do not procrastinate to download it J

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