Supercharge Your Job Search

September 13, 2017

If you have a strong impression that your job search has reached the dead-end, then you have landed in the right place. In case you want to improve your career but don’t know how to do it, read on to find out how to make your job search effective and targeted.

Make a list of your priorities on a piece of paper

Take some time to reflect on what really attracts you in a job. Think about such factors as autonomy, dress code, defined career path, flexibility, corporate culture, health insurance benefits, social package, commute range, travel opportunities, etc. Write down everything that matters to you, even the smallest things. Having this list before you, you will find it very easy to understand if the job offer is good for you or not. Another advantage of having a list is that you will know exactly what you want and you will be able to visualize it.

Rank your priorities 

In the list that you have created, some priorities will be more important than others; therefore, you should give them a rank. Take another piece of paper or use the space you have under your list of priorities to draw three columns. Add the list of your priorities sorted from the most important to the least important in the first column. In the second column, rate each priority at your last job from one to five stars. If you see that some of your priorities got less than five stars, use the third column to explain what could have been done better to improve that experience to five stars. This approach will allow you to see what things are the most important in terms of job search and what priorities are weaker and can be sacrificed in order to fulfill the wants that are at the top of your list.

What Priorities Are Tie Breakers 

In case you run into a situation when you receive several attractive job offers with the same benefits and salary at the same time, you can use your list of priorities to define what offer suits you best. Maybe, you’re tired of dress code, then your tiebreaker maybe the absence of dress code, or you may not want to work on a regular Monday-Friday schedule and want to enjoy some flexibility in your work. In this case, flexible schedule will be a tiebreaker.

As you can see, having the list of priorities can greatly benefit both your understanding of yourself and your job search. We wish you to get that inner spark burning once again and reach all the job-seeking goals that you have set before yourself!

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