Surviving a Teacher Interview

Teacher Interview Tips

February 28, 2017

I have been through several teacher interviews during my teaching career. Over the time, I often heard from my colleagues that I pass interviews very well, so, this article has been written with the aim to help other teachers survive the frightening job interview.

You definitely want a person who interviews you to hire you, thus, do your best to make him or her feel like you are the best choice possible. Here are some tips that may help you.

How to Prepare to the Interview

  • Take time for making a call to confirm your appointment.
  • Think well about how you will answer the most common interview questions for teachers.
  • Learn some facts about the school you are applying to.
  • Know the names of people, who may be in the interview.

What to Take with You

  • Several copies of your resume.
  • The copy of your last evaluation.
  • A notebook and a couple of pens.
  • Several notes from parents.
  • Samples of student works.
  • A bottle of water.

Tips to Stand Out in the Interview

  • Avoid clichés like “I want to be a teacher because I like kids.” Everybody says same things, so you will not impress the recruiter by saying them.
  • Demonstrate some examples of student works. Usually, applicants do not do it, therefore you will be remembered for that. This one may be the best interview advice.
  • Do not feel shy to ask your interviewer to repeat the question.
  • If you are not sure that you answered the question correctly, it is better to ask whether you understood the question right.
  • Remember to smile, stay friendly, keep an eye contact with your interviewer, and refer to him or her by name. The best interview advice is to stay confident.
  • If you are not hired, send a thank you note. There is a chance that your interviewer knows someone who can hire you.

Common Interview Questions and Advices on Answering

The main thing is to stay honest. Use the ideas below to formulate the answers. Please share something about yourself and your experience.

  • how long have you been a teacher
  • where did you work
  • what grades have you taught

What is teamwork for you?

  • encouraging one another
  • helping one another out
  • playing on each other strengths

How do you get parents involved?

  • school website
  • being available to chat
  • phone calls
  • providing opportunities to volunteer

How do you deal with difficult students?

  • provide examples of students with whom you have succeeded in overcoming difficult situations
  • demonstrate your flexibility working with different students and situations
  • share your philosophy on working with children

Do you want to ask something?

  • What is the amount of teachers at the grade level, which you are applying for
  • What is the amount of students currently enrolled
  • What are the relations among the teachers and in school in general
  • What are the current plans
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