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Telling About Yourself without Looking Boastful

November 20, 2017

Bragging means exaggerating about your achievements. A tone of your voice can also make a great influence on the way another person thinks of you. It is hard to control a tone because we don’t frequently listen to ourselves. Ask your friend to listen to you and then give some feedback. However, be prepared to change your tone a little bit if it is necessary. Embellishing the truth is not that good as you might face the follow-up questions. Bear in mind that in general, people are too modest, and one has to drag one's achievements out of them; therefore, prepare your evidence in advance.

If you are uncommunicative and reserved, it might seem really hard to express your positive sides. Nevertheless, being particularly talkative is not the most important thing. Maybe, the fact that you are a quiet person can help you to answer all the questions the most accurately. Even in university, those lecturers who use a few words are highly regarded.

What to do in order to calm yourself before an interview?

  • Don’t come too early. You will have to speculate on whether this or that person is accepted or not.
  • Keep in mind that the committee is interested in getting the best out of you.
  • It’s really significant not to get distracted by people that you meet.
  • Don’t hesitate whether you want to do the job or not. You may make your mind after having passed an interview.
  • Consider all the reasons why they’ve asked you to come to an interview: your experience, skills, personal qualities, etc.
  • Do some breathing exercises so that you calm down before the interview begins.

Some people have to go to an interview after a huge break, for example, 3 years. However, this fact shouldn’t prevent them from a profound preparation. If you were away from the working process, it means only that you have to be a little bit more fast and self-organized. Think of the reasons why you should get employed and remember to admit how you succeeded in bringing up a family, although it was challenging.

The middle-aged applicants find it difficult to compete with the young ones. Nevertheless, don’t lose your heart and try to study your new role – maybe, you can bring some transferable skills. Actually, young applicants shouldn’t lessen your confidence in yourself.

What to do when the committee asks specific questions and you don’t know how to mention all of your attributes? You should mention only the most relevant of your attributes that express your personality the best. If you feel at the end of your interview that you didn’t say everything you planned, take advantage of an opportunity to do this when they say: “Do you have any questions?”

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