The 10 Best Jobs For Lazy People

September 17, 2018

Are you a slacker who wishes you could find a job that pays well but does not require a whole lot of effort? Fortunately, there are plenty of good jobs for lazy people just like you! If you are thinking, “What kind of job should I have?” We have a list of easy high paying jobs that allow you to live your lifestyle without exercising your brain cells.

Professional Cuddler

There is not a soul among us who does not enjoy a good cuddle. But did you know that it’s an actual job? Sure, it is not one of those jobs for lazy introverts, but who wouldn’t want to get paid to hug people? Your job would involve climbing into stranger’s beds (it is all platonic – no dirty deeds) and snuggling it out. The awesome thing is that you get to stay in your pajamas all day!
Average Rate: Up to $80 per day

Chocolate Taster

Are you super into chocolate? Then why not get paid to eat chocolate all day? This has got to be hands down the best job for lazy people. On the other hand, you cannot just be a regular slacker off the streets. You have to have a freakish sense of smell and taste.
Average Rate: $24,000 per year

Hotel Tester

How would you like to get paid to hang out at fancy hotels? As a hotel tester, that is exactly what you would do. It is one of the highest paying low stress jobs, especially since your main tasks are to sleep on nice beds, use luxurious facilities and eat the food. Just write up a detailed report at the end of your stay and move on to the next Five-Star Hilton.
Average Rate: Up to $120 per day


Okay, okay. So being fluent in multiple languages is not necessarily a trait of a lazy slacker. It takes dedication to become fluent in Spanish or Japanese. But the point is, this is still one of the best careers for lazy people since you get to paid to sit home all day and translate documents while in your Spiderman footie pajamas.
Average Rate: $22 per hour

Chicken Sexer

A chicken sexer is not what you think it is. It involves identifying the sex of baby chicks and then separating them accordingly. While it might not require a whole lot of brainpower, it does require you to stand for long hours and engage in the same, repetitive behavior thousands of times a day as the chicks come across the conveyor belt.
Average Rate: $60,000 per year


Many a slacker has found a way to make big bucks by producing their own vlog on YouTube. The reason it is one of those ideal jobs for lazy people is that aside from a camera, some editing skills and a charismatic personality that you can only be born with, it does not require a whole lot of training.
Average Rate: $100 per 1,000 views

Luxury House Sitter

Getting paid to hang out in somebody’s mansion while they are on vacation and eating their food is one of the of the ultimate jobs for lazy people!
Average Rate: Up to $45 per day

Mystery Shopper

Are you an opinionated person who knows how to properly critique store displays, products, services, or even their customer service team? If so, why not get paid to go undercover and get to the bottom of this? Just keep in mind that this is not a stable job, so if you are looking for good careers for lazy people you might want to find something else.
Average Rate: $125 per assignment

Food Taster

Professional food tasters get to sample all sorts of sweet delights and salty snacks and then rate them. But before you get too excited, much like a chocolate taster you need extraordinary senses.
Average Rate: $30,000 per year

Test Subject

If you are lazy enough to schedule the time, you can serve as a professional human guinea pig, testing out medications and being part of experiments.
Average Rate: Over $1,000 per test

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