The 10 Most Stressful Jobs

November 7, 2018

Stress is one of those realities in our lives, and a lot of it can be blamed on the jobs we have. While most of the most stressful jobs on our list are probably obvious, a couple of them might surprise you. Here is a look at 10 of the top stressful jobs out there.

10. Teacher

Yes, we know that teachers get a lot of flack. Many get to go home by 4:00pm. They get plenty of time off during the summer. But it is also one of the most high stress jobs because so many people are breathing down their necks whether it is the principal or parents. In addition, there is the pressure to fulfill unreasonable state curriculum requirements. Not to mention all those rowdy kids.
Average Salary: $45,015

9. Call Center Operator

Sitting at a desk and talking to people all day does not sound like it should be one of the most stressful jobs. That is, unless you are spending 8 hours or more dealing with screaming customers who blame you for problems that are often their own doing. Of course, if you work in sales, there is also the stress of having to reach sales targets.
Average Salary: $32,000

8. Social Worker

Social worker makes the list of most stressful jobs because it is so difficult to predict what any particular day will bring. Whether you are dealing with the elderly, people with psychiatric problems, drug additions or even abused children, the emotional situations that you have to deal with can really take their toll. Relatively speaking, the salaries are not that great when you consider the caseloads.
Average Salary: $44,019

7. Bartender

Those who think that being a bartender means getting paid to party are woefully misinformed. Bartenders are constantly on their feet and running back and forth between the different sides of the bar table in order to serve drunk people, many of whom are not happy about having to wait their turn to get their cocktail. You have to memorize every type of drink and be able to pour it in perfect proportions. Moreover, you do not get home until the early morning.
Average Salary: $29,508

6. Lawyer

When you think about lawyers, you might imagine men and women in fancy Armani outfits confidently speaking to juries and winning million dollar judgments for their clients. But most of the work is hardly glamorous. It takes 14-hour workdays or longer to prepare for cases. And it takes years of paying your dues to the law firm and building up a reputation before you get paid anything close to the amount of work you are doing.
Average Salary: $81,562

5. Taxi Driver

Driving around and picking people up cannot be all that stressful, right? Not exactly. As a taxi driver you have to deal with rude and even drunk passengers, traffic jams, snow storms, and crazy drivers who are always cutting you off. In addition, there is the threat of being robbed, especially when venturing out to the less safe areas of the city.
Average Salary: $29,574

4. Reporter

As a news reporter, there is constant pressure to be the first to get the scope. In addition, you never quite know where the stories will take you, but you could find yourself in high-danger situations. You could even face the threat of being kidnapped in places like Syria or Afghanistan. All this for a meager salary.
Average Salary: $37,820

3. Events Coordinator

Weddings can be a complete nightmare, especially if the bride and groom are impossibly demanding. Everything from the seating arrangements to the quality of the catering is your responsibility and if something goes wrong, guess who gets all of the blame? Same thing with corporate parties and other gatherings where the reputation of people and companies is on the line.
Average Salary: $47,350

2. Firefighter

It is probably not a surprise that firefighter makes this list. They have to run into burning buildings to carry out children, the elderly and the injured. Oh, and they have to put out the fire sometimes at three in the morning with no advanced warning.
Average Salary: $48,030

1. Military Personnel

Topping the list of most stressful jobs is military personnel. It goes without saying that being away from your family and venturing into warzones can literally be hell. You do not even have to get hit by a bullet to be traumatized either. Just the fear of being killed or injured, witnessing members of your platoon dying and even having to live with the fact that you killed others can be unbearable. According to CBS News, around 30% of military personnel begin to develop mental problems soon after returning home.
Average Salary: $26,054

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