The best ways to Improve Your Resume

January 26, 2017

The first thing you do when you set to a job search is creating or updating your resume. But do you know how you can make your profile stand out in the age of social media and technological advancement? We have carefully crafted the most up-to-date and best Resume writing tips for you to succeed if you want to be the part of the top companies or join the team of talented and skillful professionals like you.

Your Clear Brand

Resumes are not just some reading for fun: they have a distinct function to serve. The reader has mere 30 seconds to figure out who you are, what you have done and what you can do. Therefore, try to make your brand be explicitly clear at first glance. Don’t overstretch reader’s patience and present a brief summary statement at the top of your resume using key words and phrases. This is a perfect opportunity for you to outline the most important milestones and aspirations in your career path.

Eliminate Any Irrelevant Information

E-mail and your phone number are quite enough for contact details: don’t waste space on spelling out your address if you want to pass through the initial scan. Do not include your private details, such as your age, marital status, race or ethnicity, and even your photograph. Irrelevant work experience should be equally avoided. It can be a complicated task and one of the best ways to manage is to include only the details of your several successful experiences from the recent past. Other things which were common in the past have to be avoided today. They are your current business contact details, salary aspirations and unprofessional e-mail address.

Clear Layout and User-Friendly Eye Scan

Imagine a recruitment manager who has hundreds or even thousands of resumes to read: each of them gets some 5 seconds of his attention as a chance to make a selection between the trash can and the pile to reconsider. A perfect resume is eye-catching: use a well-structured layout and an attractive design. Do not confuse your reader with vague statements or too many bullet points. Be concise and precise to win reader’s attention.

Keywords Savvy

Use SEO-optimized words to enhance the chances of your resume to catch the eye of a human resource manager. For example, use words that indicate results (bargained, advanced, boosted, secured, developed); words that highlight you’re approach to work (announced, balanced, maintained, budgeted, innovated, promoted, etc.); words which prove that you are a good team member (helped, supported, trained, guided, delegated).

Be Yourself

Remember, there are no fixed rules in the world of resumes. Although there are guidelines and trends, the ultimate goal is to be invited to the interview and find the perfect match between your unique personality and the specific needs of the business you are trying to enter. The best resume format is: be yourself, understand what you need and what others seek for in the vast market of talented prospective candidates.

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