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The Patriot Day Commemoration

September 11, 2017

In the history of a country there are always more cheerful moments rather than sad ones. Unfortunately, negative memories stay in mind for much longer even though they happen once a decade or even earlier. For Americans, as well as for the entire world, September 11 is a day full of sorrow and bitter feelings. This is the day when three hijacked airplanes crashed into the tween towers causing massive devastating consequences and hundreds of deaths. However, this day is also memorable due to the people who bravely did their best to rescue not only their own lives but the people who were desperately looking for some help. This is the day of strong American mentality. This is Patriot Day.

September, 11 Commemoration

Horrible loses

Altogether there were four planes hijacked at the same time. Two of them crashed into Trading Centers, while the third one fell into the Pentagon. Altogether, these three unbelievable accidents took lives of almost 3000 people. What concerns the last, the fourth plane, its passengers act towards taking the plane back from terrorists’ control that caused the plane crash in Pennsylvania on a field.

Drastic choice

It was a simple day when the majority of employees came to their working places for another tedious day. They did not know that it is their last working day, the last day of their lives. Most of the deceased were inside the New York World Trade Center at that time. Later, after hundreds of videos were studied, it was clear that those were mainly fires that cause so many deaths. The scariest thing about it that some people understood that they have no way out of it and in order not to get burnt alive, they jumped out of windows. This is only a single terrifying story among all that happened that day.

Brave sacrifices

Trading Center workers were not the only ones, who died on September, 11. People who tried to save them also left their lives in those ruins that makes the situation even more difficult to perceive. More than 400 rescuers gave their innocent lives for the sake of others. Those people are honored during Patriots Day and will be always remembered in hearts of all Americans.

Moment of silence

Every year after the horrible events, the entire country lives with the half-staff flags to honor the lives of the deceased. The presidents have an official speech in the morning and ask to commemorate the heroes with a moment of silence at 8:46 am – at the time, when the first plane crashed into the Trading Center. With the respect to the USA, the majority of the world follows American traditions and also commemorates the murder of almost 3000 people at the same time.

Official estableshment

On October, 25 the American Congress approved making the day an official federal holiday. Later in December, the president of the USA, George Bush, signed the resolution that finally certified the legality of the holiday in the American calendar. Patriot Day, September 11 – the day that will never be forgotten.

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