The Trendiest Linkedin Profile Tips

January 24, 2017

At this dynamic age of social media platforms, that shape the style of interactions and communication between people, you don’t want to feel like an outsider. Social media influence all spheres of the modern life, including the process of hiring. Advancing in the labor market is tough, and you need to consider all bits and pieces of information management to communicate what you want in order to achieve what you need.  One of such important tools is your professional Linkedin profile. So why not convert your Linkedin profile into an attractive resume format. You just need to take into account a few things that are listed below.

Your Linkedin summary can be the most important item of your entire profile. What you insert here can make a great difference and lead to professional success or professional stagnation. The top of your page is the place to browse for the potential reader, so do not underestimate this highly valuable communication vehicle.  The best Linkedin profiles are eye catching and present a person as a valuable brand that is worth having.

Pay special attention to your photo

There are places where you don’t want other people to see you face, but the Linkedin platform is not one such a place. Unless you have something to hide about your image, be open-minded and post your photo to make a clear presentation of your personality. You might not have the appropriate photo at hand, but Google search engines surely favor the profiles with the personal photograph. In fact, Linkedin themselves have admitted that the profiles with photographs are 7x more likely to be viewed by others.

Professional Content Please!

When you update or create linkedin account, make sure to use only the professional content. You don’t want your viewers to get the impression that you engage yourself with some daunting activities. Use professional names and professional headlines to convey the message about your business skills. Even if you think you have covered all basics of your profile, just examine the information and you will be surprised at what you might find!

Be connected with your past and be confident about your accomplishments

The information that you post at your LinkedIn profile is intended to help you get found.  That is why it is important to pay close attention to all bits of information from your past when you have accomplished certain assignments and achieved some goals heading for the future. Go back to your history to reveal relevant and valuable information that will help you to restore the old ties and connections with your contemporary network.


In this age and day, many people seek for information using the search engines. Enhance your chances of passing through the required screening by inserting key words and phrases. This modern technique is becoming more and more powerful. You can categorize key words into the following sections: strong networking skills, marketing strategies, technical knowledge, trade shows, conferences, decision maker, industry market intelligence or alike.

Be creative, be inspired, be assertive!

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