Things Persuasive People Do

May 15, 2017

Being persuasive can benefit you a lot. It’s the skill that not many people choose to develop, although it is a highly advantageous one. Persuasiveness includes such elements as being highly sociable, the ability to express your opinion supported by strong arguments, high emotional intelligence, etc. Recently, Business Insider magazine has identified certain habits that most of the persuasive people practice. For your convenience, we have selected the 5 most important ones that you can start with. Start implementing these in life and see you persuasiveness soar. 

Know your audience.

 All people are different and require various approaches. Masters of persuasiveness never use the same approach to everyone. On the contrary, they know whom they’re speaking to, know their mindset and idiosyncrasies, and address them accordingly. Persuasive people adjust their tone and language to what will be the most appropriate and effective in communication with the concrete interlocutor. For instance, it’s necessary to be very energetic and straightforward with those who are very active and aggressive, while phlegmatic people require a more tranquil and considerate approach.  

Use positive body language

Our words are just one part of what we are trying to say. Another big part is our body language. Individuals with high levels of persuasiveness are always aware of what they express through their body language when they communicate with others. They never cross their arms and chose to maintain eye contact and lean towards the person. If they’re speaking in front of the big audience they chose to move, so that their audience remains focused on them.   

Use interlocutor’s name

There’s only one thing that’s worse than disrespect. And this thing is being impersonal. When you hear that someone speaks your name, thus validating your identity, it leaves you comfortable and satisfied. Persuasive people keep calling their interlocutor by name during the course of all conversation and not just when they greet them. By using interlocutor’s name they make the other party feel positive and engaged, which increases the chances of accepting what they say immensely. 

Acknowledge your point of view

Attempts to convince anyone in your point of view will definitely fail if you can’t acknowledge that person’s opinions. Ability to accept other people’s attitudes makes them understand that you care, listen, and are able to change your thoughts on a discussed matter. This understanding broadens the flexibility of other’s person thinking the process and increases their chances of listening to you. It also makes you look like understanding and considerate person who respects the opinion of others.  

Know when to pull back 

As much as persuasive people want to make their persuasiveness work, sometimes it just can’t happen. The power of persuasive individuals is that they know when to pull back. They don’t press their interlocutor’s with their arguments when they see that it will have no effect and they don’t force their opinion on others. Persuasive people can let the time show which opinion was right and which was false. 

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