Age Proofing Your Resume

Tips on How to Age Proof Your Resume

March 21, 2017

It is always a challenge to change a job when you are in your fifties. Actually, this is the best time for you to look for retirement, rather than continuation of your career. Moreover, prospective employers are no longer excited by your work experience and skills. Instead, they are scared off by your age. Although you are more skillful than your younger colleagues are, you demand a higher salary, which is not the best option for employers who want to save money.

Technology gap is also a huge problem. All bosses are searching for employees who work well with the most recent versions of the office software. In addition, they look for people who navigate work-related apps skillfully and utilize Internet platforms on daily basis. Although you are familiar with Excel and have no problems using your smartphone, you still trust your business skills and managerial experience more than all these gadgets. In such circumstances, how can you persuade your employer that your work skills outweigh the fact that you are not technologically savvy? How to get a job you want when you are in your fifties? Use the best resume writing tips and underline your strengths!

Job search tips: age-proofing your resume

Avoid mentioning your age in your resume

In fact, your resume should include the minimum of personal information. There is no need to describe your appearance, height, weight, marital status, etc. Of course, graduation year will tell your employer about your age, but give the reviewers a chance to do calculations on their own.

​Try to seem modern

Make your resume look up-to-date. There are a lot of modern resume formats in the Web. Download such a format and upgrade your resume according to it. Moreover, print out your resume using PC printer, not a typewriter!

Express yourself in the best light

Your excellent writing skills are one of the major benefits of your age. So, use them to the fullest when creating your resume. You are skillful enough to express yourself clearly, relevantly and concisely. Do not hesitate to do so, but beware to overuse youthful-sounding buzzwords in your resume.

Demonstrate your accomplishments

Another benefit of your age is that your work history is full of accomplishments you are proud of. You are also wise enough to outline the most important of them in order to attract prospective employers. So, be precise and organize your resume to demonstrate your best work achievements.

Show your willingness to improve

Do not apologize for your incompetency in technology. On the contrary, your employer should be confident that you are ready to improve your skills and learn quickly. Assure him/her of that and you will have more chances to get the job.

When you are asking yourself how to get a job you want, remember about the best resume writing tips that will help you to improve your resume and attract employers with your work skills and professional knowledge.

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