Tips on How to Grow Your Faith

July 5, 2017

Cora Jakes is a Bishop’s T.D. daughter, and her story is an extraordinary one. She got into a car accident, which could have ended her life, but instead, it grew her personal relationship with God and prepared her for being a mother. In her book Faithing It, she shares her thoughts about growing your faith and becoming closer to God.

Her journey: 

Cora Jakes was 22 when her car was hit by a truck going 40 miles per hour. The fireman who approached her car shortly after that thought that Cora didn’t survived the accident, but she got out of that accident without any serious injuries and even was able to go home on her feet. Before the truck hit her car, she thought to herself: “I don’t want to die today” and God didn’t let her die. The next day after the accident, she walked to the hospital to find out that her reproductive system is in a very bad condition and an immediate surgical intervention is necessary otherwise she could never have a child. On that day she understood that if she wasn’t hit by a truck, she wouldn’t know about her problem; therefore, that accident was a gift. She also understood that if God did this for her, He can do it for anyone, any day.

Facing life: 

Life consists of all its ups and down, and there’s nowhere to hide from it. The first step to strengthening your connection to God is to accept all the pains and sufferings that are in your life and heart right now. Don’t hide from it, address it and accept it making yourself vulnerable to God. You should develop an accepting attitude to every trial and storm in your life, because all of them help you learn very important lessons. Sometimes we are going through the same undesirable situation over and over again, just because we can’t learn the lesson that comes with it. We need to accept God’s will because He has a plan for everyone. 

Forgiving hurts: 

Forgiveness may be one of the most difficult things to learn. We don’t want those who have harmed us to be forgiven, and we think that only we deserve forgiveness. This is incorrect, because forgiveness gives great power and great freedom from negative emotions. When you forgive, you make a great leap from your ill-will to kindness. Sometimes we are put in the situation where we struggle with God being not able to forgive Him for doing unwanted things to us. We need to have more trust in Him, as well as to forgive Him, ourselves and other people.

Discover your purpose: 

Understand your strong point – something that you’re good at, and something that you would even do for free. Then do it. Have big dreams! If you allow yourself to dream big, God will prepare something even more bigger for you. 

Reclaim your power: 

Remember all your past storms? Just like you’ve gone through them, you will be able to go through the new ones. Reclaim your power right now!

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