Tips to Help You Turn Internship Into Job

July 10, 2017

Success always comes as a result of hard work. Here are handy tips on how to turn your internship into a job and become successful in the corporate world. 

Dress for the job that you want 

Students often take internship not seriously enough dressing like they’re visiting gym even if they work in a multi-million dollar corporation. How do they think they can get that job if they’re not being taken seriously? Of course, you won’t be doing a lot of activities that demand wearing high-heels. Most probably foot wear would be a more appropriate choice for these tasks, however, this choice won’t give the best impression about you. Just like my mother said: “If your goal is to become an editor in chief, then you should dress like one. If she doesn’t dress herself as she goes in the gym, you shouldn’t do it either”. I used the advice of my mother and dressed like people who had positions that I was interested in. No surprise, that my attitude benefited me because the supervisors took notice. 

Have two pairs of shoes with you 

Once I moved to the New York City, I began to look for the gym right away, because New York is a city of ambition and well-sculptured bodies. On the contrary, I thought that it would be great to meet other professionals of my age who were also interested in career and health issues, while working-out. First, getting a gym membership seemed to be a good idea, but after I actually went to work, my opinion has changed. It became very clear that spending 200$ monthly on a gym membership is not necessary, because being an intern has a sports component in it. At some point, every intern is expected to become very active while picking up garments, supplies, props, and other things that the supervisors may request. You’re not Andrea Sachs, so you don’t have a privilege to be transported by the company’s car. If you live in New York, most probably you will use the subway or drive yourself. That’s why you always need to have two pairs of shoes with you – one for looking good and the other for running. 

Volunteer for everything and anything 

Usually, the magazine will choose from 30 interns who dream to turn their internship into a full-time job. If that’s not evident enough, I will tell you this – in this situation you need to do much more than it’s asked of you. Understand that this industry is highly competitive and you have to stand out in order to be taken seriously. Maybe one day you will feel like you have no work, then you can organize magazine archives or clean up the supply closet. People appreciate and notice those who take the initiative. The more active you are – the better.

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