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Tips to Make Hiring Managers Read Your IT Resume

December 27, 2017

Whether you’re a help desk manager, a web developer or play another important role in IT, you should make sure that necessary keywords are present in your resume in order to pass through the automated gatekeepers into the hands of the hiring managers.

I remember a couple of months ago my close friend asked me to take a look at her resume that she has finished working on. She was desperately looking for a new job, so she wanted her resume to look stellar. To tell the truth, it’s very good that she gave me her resume, because there were a lot of corrections to make. It goes without saying that it was well-written, but one essential component was missing – it wasn’t targeted enough. I’m glad that my friend was opened to comments and feedback so eventually we were able to craft a job-winning resume for her. Let’s take a look at what we have improved.

Do you have the right IT keywords in your resume?

Having the right IT keywords in your resume is very important, because these keywords help your resume to get into the hands of the hiring managers. Since almost every modern company is using applicant tracking software to automatize the process of candidate search, having the necessary keywords in your resume is essential. Otherwise your resume just won’t make it to the human resources manager’s table.

What are your key competencies? Mention them!

First answer yourself a simple question – what kind of job do you want to get? For instance, if you want to get a position of the web developer, read various job descriptions for this opportunity and highlight the keywords that you see in these descriptions. If you’re looking for peculiar positions which you can’t find job descriptions for, try looking at similar job offers to see what keywords are used there.

Speaking about the position of web developer, most probably, you will come across the keywords like user interface, mobile applications, HTML and NET. These are the keywords that you should definitely include in your resume if you have relevant experience. It makes sense to repeat technology and software competencies in different sections of your resume.

What would an IT hiring manager think?

Think like an IT hiring manager! What does that mean? For instance, instead of searching for “experience managing,” they would search “management experience.” When writing your resume, try to get into the IT hiring manager’s head.

Also, don’t get too carried away by using too many keywords, because your resume may start to look too weird and even if it gets past the tracking software, a hiring manager may find it overstuffed and unclear.

To sum up, when working on your IT resume, always keep your focus sharp on mentioning your accomplishments, specialized skills, qualifications and make sure that you’re using enough right keywords without overusing them. This will help your resume to get at the top of the pile.  

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