Traditions Associated With Easter

Most of Easter symbols and traditions have nothing to do with religion and won’t be found in the Bible. Some of them are taken from other cultures. Consider, for example, the Eastern bunny, which was borrowed from the German tale of a hare that hides eggs in the garden. If you want to delve deeper into the history of the most popular Eastern traditions then you should definitely go on with reading this article.

Eastern Bunny

If you have just thought that you have missed or misinterpreted some information from the Bible, then I should assure you that everything’s all right: no, there is no mention of the bunny in the Bible. Despite this fact, the Easter bunny has become a true symbol of this great Christian holiday. Actually, rabbits are associated with the beginning of new life and are also known as a symbol of fertility. According to the historical sources, the Easter bunny is borrowed from the German tradition. Actually, this tradition came with the German immigrants to the USA (namely to Pennsylvania). Nowadays, children leave baskets or handmade nests in the garden or in the yard and wait for the bunny to bring them colored eggs and other presents (chocolates, for instance).

Easter Eggs

Coloring eggs is one of the Easter traditions that have pagan roots (despite the fact that Easter is a Christian holiday). An egg was an attribute of pagan festivities and a symbol of a new life. In Christian tradition, Easter eggs symbolize the resurrection of Christ. The other widespread traditions, apart from coloring Easter eggs, are egg rolling and egg hunts. In the former, children push hard-boiled, colored eggs across the lawn near the White House.


Easter Candy

Guess, which is the second best-selling chocolate holiday besides Halloween? If you have thought about Easter, you are perfectly right! The most popular sweets are surely chocolate eggs and bunnies, jellybeans, and different kinds of marshmallow.

Easter Parade

The first Easter Parade was held in New York City in 1800s. New York citizens came to the streets with decorated hats and bright spring outfits. They sang songs and one of the most famous is “In your Eastern bonnet…” This tradition continues to be popular in Manhattan, where some streets are shut down for traffic, as well as in other cities of the USA.

Well, these are actually the greatest Easter traditions, and we have provided some general information on them. Hope you found it interesting