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Traditions of Parent’s Day in Our Country

July 23, 2017

The role of caring parents in the lives of their children is honored on the federal level by celebrating Parent’s Day. As a part of its tradition, the holiday promotes conscious and responsible parenting, helping US citizens to recognize positive and beneficial parenting styles. In general, the holiday is aimed to celebrate unique bonds between loving parents and their children.

Peculiarities of Parent’s Day

The fourth Sunday in July is traditionally devoted to the national celebration of Parent’s Day in our country. US citizens, different organizations and entities promote the significance of the holiday by arranging various events and activities that encourage parents to play a special role in their children’s upbringing. Traditionally, the celebration of the holiday is organized by The Parents’ Day Council. “Parents of the Year” is one of the common activities during the holiday that is arranged by the council to honor people whose parenting styles are considered to be role models for the entire community. “National Parents of the Year” is another traditional contest where the best parents from each state are awarded.

The most popular tradition of the holiday is to present important parental figures with special gifts that symbolize their role in the children’s lives. These presents include gift cards, flowers, cakes, etc. Another tradition is to spend the entire holiday in the family circle. That is why many American families organize backyard BBQs or dine out in family restaurants. In addition, many local community evets and church services are devoted to praising the role of parents in our society.

Public Life

Although Parent’s Day is a national holiday, it is not a public observance in our country.

History of the Holiday

Traditionally, Parent’s Day promotes positive role of parents in children’s development. The law that recognizes Parent’s Day on the federal level was adopted by Bill Clinton in 1994.


There are many symbols that promote the significance of Parent’s Day in our country. Most commonly, they are different images of happy families doing various activities together. Images that depict flowers are also considered the symbols of the holiday. The messages behind these symbols are “commitment and responsibility are the major family values”, “unconditional love creates the strongest bond between parents and children”, “parental responsibilities are significant to the development and growth of children”, etc.

Parent’s Day is a good chance to spend time with the family and demonstrate love and care to children. Make this day a special occasion by devoting full attention to the most precious people in your life.

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