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Using Reputation Management for Your Career

July 24, 2017

When the Internet became a thing, our lives started turning more and more public. Mostly, it works to our advantage, but not in every situation. Many graduates who have just graduated from their universities are looking forward to beginning their new careers. Some of them don’t understand how an old photo taken at the college party or some of their controversial posts from the past can influence their careers. As prospective employers are browsing the web for the candidates, they may find something, which will turn their attention away. And sometimes, they don’t even have to look for very hard to find something. Human resource (HR) managers can make a complete impression of you and your qualities just by following your activity in social networks. While it’s impossible to wipe out all that makes your image negative, you can make a conscious choice to start creating a professional and strong online image today. What do you need to achieve it? Here are the top three things that you can focus on. 

Launch a Professional Website 

In the past, creating a website was not an easy task. Everything has changed and now you can do it in just one day. Take it as your online home, your own online real estate if you want. While social media are controlled by the third parties, your website will be completely under your own control. No one will touch it. In order to create a website, you should buy a domain name, register it, think over the structure and look, and use some free opportunities offered by the modern era of the Internet.

Brand Your Social Profile 

Having a website is cool, but most probably, when people will Google your name, they will see your social profiles first. The first things you should do is to clean everything that you don’t want to be seen by anyone. Go through your photos, info about yourself, statuses, comments, etc., and delete those that spoil your online image. Then go to the settings and setup a tagging restriction so that tags can be applied to only if you approve. Go through all of your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create it. LinkedIn is a network for professionals, which a lot of HR managers use for headhunting. Having a profile there makes it easy for colleagues and employees to find you. 

Connect some Professional Content with Your Name 

Content is an online reputation. Leave comments and show proficiency in your area of expertise in the main blogs and social media groups where the specialists dwell. This will help you to establish required connections and will create a respectable virtual imprint of your persona. Make sure that you attach only worthwhile content to your name.

The Internet remembers everything, that’s why one mistake can haunt you for years. While sometimes you can’t fix your mistakes, knowing the advice given in this article you can now avoid creating new ones and start creating a more conscious online presence. 

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