Valentine’s Day Facts

February 14, 2017

Everyone knows that St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Still, not everyone knows what stands behind the most romantic day in a year. The most surprising thing about the holiday is that originally it was not connected to such things as love, affection and passion. Actually, it was a day when Saint Valentinus died. The origin of the holiday goes back to the Roman Empire, where a man called Valentinus helped Roman soldiers to get married. It may seem a simple thing to perform wedding for a soldier and his beloved but the thing is that the Roman soldiers were not allowed to have families and the whole ceremony was performed secretly. Unfortunately, when it became evident that Valentinus broke the Roman laws he was arrested and later (on February 14th) executed. Before he died, he wrote a letter to the daughter of the jailer and signed it with world-famous phrase “From your Valentine”. 

Interesting Facts about Valentine's Day

  • People started celebrating Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, only in 1700s in England.
  • Men tend to be more generous on this day compared to women, as they spend twice more money for gifts then their beloved ones.
  • Flowers and sweets are the most popular presents on this day. The number of heart shaped boxes of sweet sold on St. Valentine’s day is close to 36 million, while the number or roses presented to the beloved ones around the world is approximately 50 million. 
  • Speaking about flowers! Women buy only 27% of all flowers on this day, while the rest 73% are bought by men. 
  • On the other hand, Valentine’s card are the favorite gift of women, as they buy almost 85% of all the cards sold. 
  • St. Valentine’s Day takes the second place for the number of post cards sent. The first place is taken by Christmas! 
  • If one could put all the candy hearts made for this day together, they would stretch from the USA all the way to Italy and back.  
  • Late 19th century is the birthday of Valentine’s box for candies.
  • Almost 9 million pet-lovers but presents to their fluffy friends on this day. 
  • Two great inventions were made on this day. The first one was penicillin, while the second one is a telephone (Alexander Bell applied for patent on his invention on this day). 
  • St. Valentine’s is a cause for celebration even for single ones. The statistics say that almost 15% of single women receive flowers on this day… from themselves! 
  • One of the old traditions said that if you were without a couple on this day, you had to marry the first person of the opposite sex you met. 
  • The hometown of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, Italy, receives thousands of letters from all over the world addressed to Juliet on this day.  
  • The almond tree is a symbol of friendship all over the world. It is caused by the fact that according to the legend, the daughter of the jailor planted this tree on the grave of St. Valentinus after he had been buried. 

The holiday is celebrated all over the world and brings joy and love to millions of people. 

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