Celebration of Veterans day

Veterans Day in the USA

November 11, 2017

The first Veterans Day was celebrated almost hundred years ago, in November, 1919. In those days, a holiday was called “Armistice Day” and its aim was to acknowledge the significance of the anniversary of World War I. Then, during his tenure as president, Dwight D. Eisenhower officially renamed a holiday to Veterans Day.

Due to the resolutions approved by the Congress in 1926, Veterans Day became an annual occasion for every citizen in the US. The feature that differentiates this event from Memorial Day is that it shows gratitude to all veterans who ever served the country at difficult war times.

Veterans Day in Calendar

Veterans Day is held on November 11. However, historically this public holiday had undergone a great range of changes until it was fixed in the calendar as an approved one. For example, in 1968, the Congress adopted one of the most important acts related to the anniversary, called Uniform Holidays Bill. It moved the day of the celebration to the last Monday in October.

In a few years, a new president was elected, his name was President Gerald Ford. He decided to return November 11 because the date had its historical significance.

The other countries-participators of the world wars also created special days to pay respect to the heroes who had devoted their lives to save their nations and had fallen in war or survived. Therefore, France, Canada, and Great Britain also honor the veterans on November 11 or on the day close to this date.

How Veterans Day is Held Nowadays

People, who serve in the military sphere, faithfully defend the US in order to maintain peaceful living for every citizen. They have their families, but dedicate much time to the community, so they are essential members of the society. Just have a look at these interesting facts about veterans in America:

16.1 million living veterans have taken part in at least one military action.

5.2 million veterans performed their duties in peacetime.

2 million veterans are female.

7 million veterans took part in the American military operation during the Vietnam War.

5.5 million veterans served in the Persian Gulf War.

More than 16 million Americans served their duties in World War II, and 558,000 of them are still alive nowadays.

2,1 million veterans took part in the Korean War.

According to the actual figures, almost 3 million veterans obtained compensation for disabilities connected with their service.

Such states as Florida, California and Texas, have in overall a million of veteran citizens.

Being lucky to live in peaceful time, sometimes we do not give a thought to commemorating people who courageously protected the country and its population. What is more, their service had a tremendous effect on the lives of people all over the World. That is why Veterans Day is a very essential date to pay homage to those devoted people.

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