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Ways to Make the Best Use of Your Internship

December 6, 2017

Your internship is finally over. I bet that you worked hard and managed to develop your skills to the maximum. But now, it is the time to bring everything to a successful close and make the best use of this time. To have an opportunity to ask your managers and coworkers for help or advice in the future, you should make a good impression and leave on a high note. Read on to learn how to do it.

Four Things to Do to Finish Your Internship Properly

  • Tell What You Have Learned and What Has Impacted You

Most companies like to take interns because they want to help young people prepare to advance in their career. You can make your managers feel great if you share with them how much you have learnt from your internship, what new skills you have developed, and how it has helped you understand what you really want. Don't hesitate to go into the details of the impact of your internship and say how you think it will find its reflection in your future career.

  • Establish LinkedIn Connections with Everyone You Have Met There

Of course, there may be people with whom you want to keep in touch as friends. But also consider that you should establish connections with your friends via LinkedIn. It is a good start in creating your networking that will help you build your future career. If you're connected on LinkedIn, you can keep track of each other's career movements and see whom you may ask for assistance if needed. After all, if there is anybody who may recommend you in the process of application, your chances of obtaining a job will dramatically increase.

  • Make Sure to Finish Your Assignments Before You Leave

During the last couple of weeks of your internship, you might be busier than usual due to all these farewell lunches and wrap-up meetings. Nevertheless, it is still important for you to remain focused on your responsibilities and demonstrate your commitment to completing all your assignments. You can make the last week of your internship your best week, if you work hard to finish all your tasks and projects before you leave. Your managers will certainly appreciate that!

  • Say Thanks to the Entire Office

Even if you have already thanked your managers and supervisors, it is also important to thank the entire office. Do it on your last day there. It doesn't mean that you have to write the whole essay on the things you've learnt. Just express your sincere gratitude to everyone you worked with during all this time.

If you make all these easy steps before leaving your internship, you will certainly be remembered as a great person and an excellent employee (which will do you an enormous favor in the future).

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