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What Career Development Tools to Use in Case of a Layoff

March 7, 2017

Because of the frequent turmoil, layoffs have become a commonplace. You sincerely hope that there will be an opportunity to bounce back. However, let us face the reality, being laid off amounts to being fired, which is a real setback for your career development unless you are completely satisfied with the benefits of volunteering.

When you have received a layoff but still mentioned the job on the resume, you often have to explain the reason why you had left that workplace in a way that will not stain your reputation. In such a case, your main task is to come up with a plausible yet true reason why you had been reduced. The next task is to accept that event and realize that while devastating, it was not personal. So, check out how to skillfully explain layoffs to potential employers.

Economic conditions

In most cases, being laid off from an organization can be related to the unsatisfactory financial conditions. At some point of their functioning, companies face financial issues and realize that they must reduce the number of employees to prevent irreversible damages. So, you can base your reasoning on the fact that your company lacked financial backing to support workers and thus was forced to cut down on them. Let us hope that you were not the only person laid off and you can say: “ABC Company faced financial difficulties, which resulted in a layoff of 5 employees.”

If due to some reasons, you were the only person reduced at that time, then try generalizing the situation and say something like: “The numerous layoffs in 2008 caught me off guard.” This way, you are still being honest and do not let the employer jump to conclusions.

Why you?

Very often, the employer may ask why only you were laid off, so you will need a ready-made answer. Analyze the situation before the layoff and think of the reason that prompted your employer to choose you.

  • Were you at the top of the pay scale for the position?
  • Had you gone as far as you could in the position?
  • Were you looking for a promotion?

If you gave “yes” answers to any of these questions, then you can include some other details to explain the reason for the layoff. You can say: “ABC Company faced financial difficulties, which resulted in a layoff of 5 employees. I was picked from my department because I was at the highest end of my salary grade.”

Pay attention to what you say

No matter what you will say, never be negative about a person or company or implying that your layoff was illegal. You never know when your networking opportunities come in handy. Instead, stay positive and regard it as a push for improvement.

Once you decide on your reasoning, polish your answer until it comes out naturally. Open up and always tell the truth because any employer values honest workers.

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