What Is a Job Description?

September 29, 2018

Many people ask, “What is a job description?” The answer is simple – a job description is
job opportunity preview. An individual who searches for a job may scan hundreds of job descriptions on a daily basis. However, it can take a lot of time and energy. That is why it is important to manage one’s time effectively and choose only the most attractive and interesting offers. This way, you will be able to build a career of your dream.
Effective use of one’s time is really crucial when an individual wants to find a job while being employed. Running after job openings that do not give you a chance to develop as a professional can destroy your motivation. It does not matter whether you have time and best job search focus.
You may ask, what can be done to scan and select best job offers effectively? How can I improve my time management skills and odds of looking for my dream job position? Below you can find the best tips:

Tip 1: Look beyond the job title

Imagine that you are a detective who tries to find a catchy job specification. Your main goal is not to get into the internet trap and avoid content that is aimed at attracting readers’ attention and making them to visit a certain website. A manager level position that does not require the needed duties and responsibilities can be a trap as well. Positions that have an excessive number of job details can be interesting in fact. Moreover they can be consistent with the real title and position level. The main recommendation is not to reject all job opening that do not have an attractive position description. That is why you should have clear career objectives. Patience and careful reading will help you to detect interesting positions regardless of their job title meaning.

Tip 2: Identify how close of a match you are

The main reason of being invited for an interview is to have perfect match with job requirements and your qualifications and skills for a job.
In order to understand this you can do the following: use a highlighter to the position description or simply put checkmarks near every requirement that you can meet. You need to have a clear understanding of what are job duties.
Moreover, you should have specific examples, numbers and illustrations in order to support your professionalism and willingness to meet all the job requirements. Such information will help the hiring manager to notice you among other candidates. As a result, you will have a high chance to be invited for an interview.
In case you have detected some gaps in your initial check, it cannot be a reason to reject this job opportunity. In case this gap is not crucial (for instance, you have 3 years of the experience in the required field instead of the required four), you should try to find out ways to bridge this gap when being interviewed. In case you do not have one of the certifications that are provided in the requirements list, an independent experience as a well as study can help to buffer this shortfall. Remember that job description definition can be compared to a Christmas list. The same writing manner is used in both cases. Usually, hiring managers and HRs make a sort of a wish list of all the qualifications that a perfect candidate should possess.
However, you should know that not every point has the same weigh. That is why stay critical when you read the list and never give up.

Tip 3: Detect the hidden questions and notice all the red flags

Job descriptions for resume can be tricky. You will automatically notice descriptions that contain red flags. We offer you to find out what is a job description and use the below provided checklist that will help you save your time and energy.

  • You should note first inappropriate detail level and any unclear description of the job.
    If the position description is well-thought-out, you will not wonder what you daily duties and responsibilities will be. When you are still interested in the position that has some gaps in its description, contact the hiring manager and ask for clarifications.
  • The second hurdle is unreasonable expectations. Some companies want to hire a low skilled worker and pay him lower salary but require expert performance. In addition, they can lack the understanding of what they want from their employees and how the job function works. That is why it is recommended to approach such offers with the highest level of caution.
  • Endless lists of requirements that have little sense are considered a red flag. Many companies make a list that is not based on reality and they use jobs skills examples. In addition, HR may not know what defines success and what skills are required for a particular job.
  • Be careful with financial commitments. Pay attention to the training period and find out whether it is a paid one. A month of unpaid training period is a common practice. However, when you are offered a longer training period without any payments, beware of such deals.
  • Be careful with the job offers that promise high earning.
  • In case you notice that the same job pops up every few weeks or months, it is a sign that this company is not reliable and has a high personnel turnover. Poor management may be the reason of such problem. Do not waste your time on such offers.

Now you know what is a job description and can detect all the red flags. Job summary is simple: stay calm, know your worth and do not give up easily.

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