What Is It Like to Work at Facebook: Benefits of Facebook Workplace

August 20, 2018

Since the inception of Facebook, people started wondering, “What is it like to work at Facebook?” This social media has always been around to help us get in touch with friends and relatives. Besides, apart from connecting people, Facebook has many other functions and aims: particularly, it is used for spreading and sharing information, exchanging news, uploading photos, writing blog posts, and so on. Everyone knows what Facebook is but hardly anyone wonders what is it like to work at Facebook.
Facebook employs more than 10k employees and its offices are scattered all over the world. The corporation has 4.5 rating on Glassdoor and according to the feedbacks from Facebook employees, it is quite prestigious to work there rather than be employed at other companies. So, what is so great about working at Facebook? Why it is not only the most popular social media in the world but also a company many people desire to work for? Is it really so awesome and fantastic to work for Facebook as it might seem? Read on and find out.

Perks of Working at Facebook

  • There is a chain of restaurants that serve Facebook employees.
  • Facebook staff has 16 weeks of paternity leave. Actually, Facebook has been proven to give equal time for paternity and maternity leave programs. Both parents receive financial help and are given opportunity to adjust the schedule according to the new time-management.
  • The company cares for proper nutrition of its workers, so the fridges in the kitchens are always full with healthy food. The food is not only healthy but also versatile: one can find Mexican, Italian or Japanese food as well as fresh salads and BBQs. Besides, Facebook workers never have the same dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – there are a lot of courses prepared.
  • What is it like to work at Facebook together with Mark Zuckerberg? According to the estimates, Zuckerberg has 98% approval from his staff. He is considered as the highest-rated CEO in correspondence with the Glassdoor statistics. Facebook work environment is favorable and friendly: at the weekly meetings, employees can freely express themselves, put forward their suggestions, and directly ask the CEO questions without hesitation. Apart from good relationship between Zuckerberg and Facebook team, all employees are on good terms between one another. The atmosphere is friendly and effective, especially when it comes to teams that cooperate while working on some serious projects. Engineering department is the one that many people are happy to work at.
  • The whole Facebook team comprises of talented and skillful workers. The colleagues are intelligent, hard-working, and diligent. Besides, they demonstrate great communicative skills and are good at quick decision-making. Apart from that, they can easily cope with working under stressful conditions.
  • When you are working for Facebook, you can delve into the company’s magnificent company culture. If you have not seen the photos of Facebook campus yet, you will definitely be mesmerized. You will be simply dumbstruck at how beautiful the office is. According to the interviews of many Facebook employees, Facebook culture and overall company policy is favorable towards all workers and gives them a chance to be themselves.
  • The company provides endless opportunities for personal growth within the company and numerous options for career growth. If you are looking for companies with positive environment, add Facebook to your dream-list.
  • Another factor that makes Facebook a desirable corporation to work for is the salary level. Remuneration is appealing for all types of employees who work at Facebook. The corporation has created 872 job positions, where each employee is satisfied with the payment and remuneration prospects. The salary payout is transparent and every employee is happy with the payments. For example, a product manager earns $147,6, a software engineer – $125,9, and a product designer – $135,3.

So, if Facebook appeals to you not only as a social media tool but also as a prosperous company and a huge corporation, why not considering working for Facebook? It would be great to become part of such successful team of professionals.

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