Why Employers Hate Your Resume

December 9, 2016

Whenever a company is hiring, the number of applications is normally higher than the company’s needs. That’s why employers always focus on some resume details.

Hiring new employees is a difficult, time-consuming, and stressful process. The hiring manager has to find experienced and skilled employees. Otherwise, he/she will fail to complete the task of the head of the company.

That’s why you have to take your time and thoroughly prepare for a job interview. They ask many questions not for fun but for choosing the best applicant. The following resume improvement tips will reveal the secrets of meeting the employer’s expectations.

Resume improvement tips


The crucial – but often overlooked –  aspect of the job hunting is the name of the Word file with your resume in it. It is the first thing employers notice while considering the chance of hiring an applicant.

It is obvious that when you get a resume in the email, the first thing you see is the attachment with several files including the resume itself. While naming the files, you make the first impression on the employer. For example, the following filename can tell much about an applicant: Bella_Fisher_Writer_Jobs_Updated_Resume2012.doc.

Today, such a filename would mean that it hasn’t been updated since 2012 and that the applicant sends the same resume to different positions. It also reveals that the applicant is not looking for a particular job position but wants to take any kind of job. It is a small detail which speaks volumes about you.

In the majority of cases, people tend to call filenames by a single word like “Resume.” It is a common mistake which can hardly be understood by applicants. While searching for appropriate employees, hiring managers are looking through dozens or even hundreds of resumes. The most impressive resumes deserve to be passed to the head of the company. In this way, the manager saves multiple files. That’s why an applicant should make a filename stand out from other typical files.

It is also typical to see a resume titled Marys-Resume-Updated.doc. Employers are not willing to know about the update of the resume so it shouldn’t be the first information they learn. It is usually made to remind an applicant that the file is the last updated version of the resume. It is acceptable to title files in whatever way the applicant wants, but the application process requires revision of every detail. The best way to title the file is to mention the desired position and the name of the applicant.

It will help employers to see that the resume was created for the specific job position. It will also help to navigate through the files of the company and contact the most suitable applicant.

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