Why You Need A Mentor (And How To Find One)

September 25, 2017

When you need assistance in advancing along your career ladder, you might require a mentor. And even if you have already reached the top of your career, you still might want to hear useful advice from someone. A mentor is a person who doesn't just help you to analyze your career movements, but can also assist you in seeing what matters the most for you.

Reasons You Need a Mentor and Ways to Find One

  • Understand Who a Good Mentor Is

Since most likely you want your mentor to help you attain bigger success, it is important to find a person who has already become successful. Besides, it has to be the person with whom you can communicate easily, who can listen to you attentively and understand what you are trying to achieve. Your mentor needs to have the same values as you do to be able to give you relevant advice. Most importantly, your mentor has to be the person who actually wants to help you and cares about you enough to be willing to invest his/her time into you.

  • Find a Mentor within Your Current Company

Probably, there are people in your company whom you respect and admire. No matter if it is your manager, someone from another department, or a company owner – if you feel that they can help you, don't hesitate to ask! Moreover, see if they are already guiding you on your path and helping you advance your career. You can also ask if your company offers a formal mentorship program and can set you up with a senior employee who will become your mentor. It is good to have a mentor in your company, because, on the one hand, you can communicate with him/her regularly and, on the other hand, he/she knows how you can advance your career in this company and gives you some actionable advice.

  • Consider Where You Can Find a Mentor Outside Your Company

If you want to find a mentor outside your company, you can use social media sites, such as LinkedIn. In case there is anyone you know who you think can give you relevant advice, don't hesitate to ask them to talk to you. Even if this person is too busy to communicate with you in person, you can talk to him/her by email or phone. You may also hire an advisor from a staffing company. You can be sure that this person will turn out to be an expert in helping people to climb their career ladder. Other good ways to find a mentor are networking groups, career seminars, and conferences. If you think that you need several mentors, it is possible, as well.

Finding a mentor will certainly be useful for you. So, good luck with your search!

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