Women in the Workforce: A List of the Most Popular Job Positions for Women

September 26, 2018

In the modern era when women get the same opportunities as men, it is hard to imagine that there were times when women were deprived almost of all basic rights. Can you imagine that, as a woman, you cannot apply for certain jobs, cannot visit specific places or cannot vote? Women in the workforce were a rare case in the past as compared to the usual practice nowadays when women can run a business, travel on their own, get married out of love, and bring up children in the most suitable way.
Despite the fact that women can be involved in almost any type of career, there are specific positions that are dominated specifically by them. Read on and find out.

Services for Child Care

Child care services are bright representatives of women in the workforce. According to a popular opinion, such services are considered as the best jobs for women as most of them have an innate ability to take care of children properly. Child care workers look after children, take them to and from school, assist with home task, play with them, etc. while the children’s parents are busy at work or with other activities. Elite child care comprises not only of so-called baby-sitters but of qualified teachers and specialists in the sphere of child care. Besides, among child care workers are also nutritionists, nurses, and teachers.
Regarding the complexity of this job, it is not simple and the stress levels are high since these people are responsible for safety and well-being of children. Besides, one of the negative aspects is that child care workers frequently have to deal with sick, retarded, and disabled children as well as with the ones suffering from irritability and psychological problems. According to the statistics, there are approximately 94% of women in the workforce of child care services. The required education varies depending on the duties and responsibilities. Sometimes, priority is given to nursing education and sometimes – to teaching education. In other cases, no formal education might be demanded. On average, a child care specialist will be paid $21,000 per year.

Home Health Care Service

Unlike child care services, home health care service aims to help the disabled and the elderly. There are many elderly people who need special care and who cannot cope with daily routines on their own. As such, the career of a home health care provider is much in need.
Home health care providers perform various roles depending on the health condition of a person they take care of: some of them need help in cooking, others – in moving around or performing daily routines. So, working women who specialize in providing home care are involved in cooking, washing clothes, ironing, helping the elderly to move around the house, feeding, providing medication, cleaning the house, and running errands. Despite the fact that home care is considered as one of the best careers for women, there are a lot of drawbacks since the job might be not only stressful but also physically hard. Some patients are overweight and because of their disabilities cannot freely move and do everyday activities and are thus irritable. According to the estimates, there are approximately 90% of women involved in home care provision. The average salary per year is $24,000.

Veterinary Service

More and more attention is paid to our four-legged friends nowadays. They are more frequently treated as family members, so whenever a family needs to leave home for a vacation or a business trip and cannot take their pets with them, there is a need to find a reliable person who can care for the pets, feed them properly, and spend quality time with them as they also need attention and feel the absence of their families. As such, there are specific job positions related to pet grooming, caring, or veterinary service.
When it comes to veterinary service, people applying for this position should have adequate educational background and be able to treat animals accordingly: they should be well-versed in the most widespread pet diseases and their signs, know how to perform vaccination, and treat different severe and mild health conditions. This position is not one of the best female jobs but there are slightly more than 80% of pink collar workers in veterinary service. Veterinary specialists receive $88,000 per year.

Social Services

According to the findings in the spheres of psychology and communication theories, women are proven to be better at talking to others and listening to their problems. There are more women than men working in social services and taking care of others. A woman at work in social services helps others to cope with the existing problems and come to better understanding of them. It is encouraged that social service workers have educational background in psychology, psychotherapy or related fields in order to be able to provide resource for those suffering from some problem or issue. In general, people working in such fields should be more or less empathetic to others.
When it comes merely to social services positions, social workers tend to work in schools, hospitals, churches, immigration communities, etc. There are approximately 85% of women working in this sphere.

Educational Sphere

Positions related to educational sphere are considered good careers for women and they tend to dominate in this area 8 to 1. Women working in the educational sphere may enroll on positions in kindergartens, preschools, middle schools, high schools, language schools, and other educational establishments.
Roles performed in the educational sphere can be divided into administrative and academic. One of the basic drawbacks is that people involved in the area of education tend to overwork, which leads to emotional burnout.

Archivists and Librarians

When applying for the position of archivists, a person should bear responsibility for proper management of data and collections of information. When it comes to some important documents, an archivist or a librarian should ensure it is kept in safety and provided for access to people with special allowance. While the main role of an archivist is to preserve data and keep it in order, the position of a librarian is more people-oriented. Slightly more than 75% of females work in this sphere. To get a position, one needs to have educational background in library science, teaching or some other required area. $56,000 per year is paid to specialists on average.


The main duties of an accountant are to provide financial support and professional advice as well as to audit accounts. Accountants might be employed in governmental and non-governmental bodies as well as in international organizations or independent enterprises.
Mainly, accountants specialize in specific fields of practice, such as financial recovery, taxation, corporate finance, assurance, accountancy, management consultancy, and audit among others. The sphere of accounting is not the most popular among females since approximately 60% of women work in accounting sphere. When applying for a position of an auditor or an accountant, one needs to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the corresponding field. Averagely, an accounting specialist gets $66,000 annually.

Legal Service

People hired in the sphere of legal services assist people who are not able to afford legal representation. To represent people in court, lawyers should have specific education or certification. They should be well-versed in different legal areas in order to advise people on legal matters and provide benefit to clients. Approximately 55% of lawyers are women. They are paid on average $115,000 annually.

Division between Mental and Physical Work

After reading the list, it is not surprising that there are specific female-dominated and male-dominated fields since they rely on strengths of each gender in specific area. For example, one of the common beliefs is that women prevail in jobs that are less physically demanding. On the other hand, they are more prone to be engaged in teaching, caring, and assisting activities.
Among the positions that are not occupied by a specific gender are advertisers, marketing specialists, PR specialists, journalists, and photographers among others.

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