Working at Google: Perks and Benefits to Be Part of Google Team

September 7, 2018

Google Synopsis

Main Office: Mountain View, CA
Size: 10000+ employees
Year of establishment: 1998
Company Type: Public (GOOG)
Industry: Internet
Company return: $10+ billion (USD) per year
Contenders: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft
Mission: synthesize and structure the world information making it useful and globally accessible.

Working at Google is not conventional since it is not an ordinary company and it does not aim at becoming such. Google shares characteristics with the world’s most prominent and reputable corporations, which refer to the focus on smart and innovative practices. Nonetheless, as Google Inc. continues to expand, the company is committed to withholding the image of a small company. When one is working at Google, he/she feels valued and important for the company. The company administration realizes that each employee is equally valuable for the company and integral to the overall success of the corporation. As such, there are many Google employee benefits, such as competitive remuneration, bonuses, compensation packages, as well as other Google job perks and financial bonuses.
Google work environment is thriving due to highly-focused teams, passion, motivation, favorable and high-energy environment, as well as the belief that the power of technology can save the world. Google workers are passionate about their career as much as about their lives. Besides, they are enthusiastic to bring the best of them to help the company prosper. Should you need to get some further information, read it at

Is Google a Good Company to Work for?

Over the last years, Google has occupied leading positions in the best workplaces ratings. Among the most popular and important Google benefits are career growth opportunities, being part of innovative culture, and other employee perks.
Google workplace can offer the best to its employees: electric cars and bicycles for the company staff to commute to gatherings, conferences, and meetings, organic gardens, gaming centers, and eco-friendly furnishings. Working for Google is great and prestigious as the company administration makes everything possible to ease lives of the company’s workers and search for better ways of improving the overall health state and well-being of the workers. Particularly, Google is the best company at caring for employers’ health: it offers on-site medical services, nurses, physicians, and healthcare coverage to keep the staff satisfied and in good health. Moreover, if you are working at Google, you can travel without any excessive stress or worries: you get full travel insurance and medical coverage to ensure your safety and good health state. Particularly, Googlers get company assistance both on business trips and private vacations.

Other Reasons Why Work at Google

  • Apart from job opportunities at Google, the company provides paid maternal and paternal leave. The company grants 12 weeks on average and 18 weeks if the father is the major provider for the family. Mothers are given 22 weeks of maternal leave. Another reason why is Google a good company to work for is that because it offers consultations for newly-become parents regarding their schedule.
  • Google also provides death benefits for the families of deceased workers. In particular, is the Google employee dies, his/her spouse gets 50% of the worker’s salary each year throughout 10-year time. Children of deceased Google employees get $1,000 per month until they reach 19-23 years or in cases they are full-time students.
  • Google ensures a Global Education Leave program that provides a chance for the employees to proceed with the education and training while taking a leave of absence. Google provides a full coverage of such educational programs or trainings.
  • As Google is one of the most prominent and famous technology corporations across the globe, it provides its staff with better work opportunities if they happen to decide to leave the Googleplex. Besides, career growth and development within the company is guaranteed alongside with high-level and middle-level management opportunities.
  • What Is It Like to Work at Google?

    Employees working at Google have the feeling of importance and contribution to the global well-being and world population. And there is a clear reason for it as Google workers provide benefits and positive influence on the population with the help of technological appliances and applications they develop. One of the brightest examples is self-driving cars: people would be able to catch up with rest, sleep, and relaxation while commuting to work. Moreover, Google has devised brand-new wearable technology – contact lenses that can monitor the glucose level of a person if he/she suffers from diabetes.
    Google headhunts only for the most intelligent and success-oriented people with the brightest minds. Only in condition when such talented people gather together, can they provide a successful work environment and effective collaboration.

    Why Google? Reasons for Choosing the Company

    To feel more relaxed and less restrained at work, Google employees are allowed to take their pets to the office. There are many benefits to this allowance. First, employees can concentrate on work more as they do not worry about their pets left alone at home. Second, interaction with their pets frequently boosts their performance and maintains high energy levels. Finally, it can simply bring joy to the employees.

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