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You Are Whom They Need for the Position

December 11, 2017

            Does it seem like a nightmare to get interviewed? No sleep, no appetite, constant feeling of anxiety in your stomach. Moreover, it is an inescapable life’s stage that each of us has gone or will go through. Whether you are an experienced worker or at the beginning of your career ladder, you are doomed to answer the frightening question: “Why is your candidacy the best for the position?”

We are aimed at providing you with assistance to give the interviewer an impeccable respond, which will prove that you are exactly whom they are looking for.

Preparation Stages

Investigate the Vacancy

Before you apply for the position, look through all the requirements and read thoroughly the job description. This step will definitely help you to evaluate your chances. Brainstorm your accomplishments and benefits of the previously gained experience. Compare your competence with the necessary qualifications for this position. If you meet the requirements, it is a high time to start getting prepared for the forthcoming interview.

Contemplate Your Answers

Of course, you can’t predict all the questions the interviewer might ask you. However, you can still consider some of the most frequently asked questions and think of the ways how to describe yourself from the best side.

  • Firstly, choose the strongest points which you are going to mention and which would make the interviewer be interested.
  • Spend some time defining skills and qualities, which make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Structure your ideas instead of writing the text and learning it by heart. The point is to distinguish your best skills, so you are not taken aback if the interviewer asks.
  • Stay confident and positive. Easy to say, hard to do. Well, actually not so hard if you practice in front of the mirror your possible responds. In such a way you learn to control your gestures and facial expressions, so when the day of the interview comes, you feel more relaxed.
  • Try not to waffle. The interviewer is not eager to listen to the detailed description of your achievements, your expectations or stories from life. Mention only the facts that fit the situation.
  • Be in the mood to respond in a genuine way. Exaggeration and overestimation are only a needless pomposity, which often leads to aversion.

Get Interviewed and Impress the Interviewer

There is no way back when the day of the interview comes. The sole thing left to do is to go and impress everyone with incredible answers.

  • Get enough sleep before the important day, get dressed according to the occasion and come fresh, full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Smile and provide the interviewer with concise responds.
  • With the help of profound pieces of evidence (prepared beforehand), convince the interviewer in your passionate desire to work for him/her.
  • Show that you are a polite and well-disposed person.

Change your attitude to the interviewing process. Accept it as an opportunity to excel rather than a fear to fail. Assure the interviewer that you are a perfect candidacy for the position and get what you strive for.

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